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W P Hennessy is a professional hypnotherapist delivering exceptionally advanced hypnotherapy techniques and trained to the utmost highest standard graduating from the institute of clinical hypnotherapy
Wayne is currently operating the ADVANCE Clinical Hypnosis Ireland Navan Clinic/Advanced Therapy Suite which is conveniently located at Clonard house, Market square, Navan town centre, Wayne covers the Entire Meath/Cavan region.

Since 1998 Wayne has been helping people reach for and achieve their maximum potential, by passionately working towards achievable goals.
Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy is the most powerful and successful way to achieve subconscious healing. Working with the Sub conscious mind can give you the permanent change that is rarely possible with mere willpower. Hypnotherapy is a solution-based therapy which can affectively deal with panic attacks, fears and phobias, trauma, addictions from smoking to alcohol, to drug abuse, to gambling. It can cure and lift depression, chronic stress; unresolved anger issues and takes away undesirable habits such as nail biting. Hypnosis can help to re-establish your confidence and self-esteem, from getting you ready for that new job interview, preparing you for that public presentation, to calming your nerves for that all important driving test. Wayne also developed the specialized the HYPNO-HEALTH weight management system & standard weight-loss programs 1 – 2 & 3 hypno gastric band, and is also the developer of the extremely successful Reduce2Quit addictions programs with proven testimonials. Wayne’s is clearly driven by passion and his mission is to go the extra mile help his clients to open their mind and to assist in reshaping their beliefs and to stop at nothing to allow each client to become the very best they could imagine.

Wayne is friendly, confident and a champion of professionalism. He inspires every client that visits him at his Navan clinic. Thank you for taking the time to learn about Wayne. We are happy to help you arrange an appointment to see Wayne at his Irish Hypnosis Navan clinic – For further information please feel free to contact:

Wayne P Hennessy The NAVAN & Nationwide Advance
Weight-Management Hypnosis Clinic Director
Call: (046) 907 1983 Mobile: (087) 3839556

The Advance Weight-Management Hypnosis Clinic: Navan
Clonard House, Market Square, Navan Co Meath

E: whennessy1@gmail.com

Welcome to The Advance Weight Management Hypnosis Clinic’s Tallaght 

Lo-call 1890 987 888


Silvia Henrich is based in the South East of Ireland and is available for appointments in both Gorey and Wexford Town.

Silvia is a Professional Hypnotherapist, with 30 years of experience in the Field of Holistic Health.

Her holistic background gives her a unique perspective on how to improve health and wellness through natural living and honest to goodness nourishment from real food. She draws upon all her experience to create 100% personalised hypnotherapy treatments which are tailored to the specific needs of each individual person who walks through her clinic doors.

Her passion is helping people to not just to take back control of their eating habits and lose weight but to enjoy being in control and to live life to the full. With healthy, nourishing food and good eating habits as the focal point to physical and mental well being.

Silvia says:

“keeping it simple and keeping it natural is the key to success not just in weight management but in all aspects of life.

When you lead with your mind your body must follow.

It genuinely is that simple and elegant”. The ADVANCE Weight Management Hypnosis System is the most natural and simple approach that I have come across in my years of practice and I am happy to say that it has become my go to therapy for weight management and also plays a huge role in supporting mental healthcare in my clinic.

“I believe our most precious possession is our physical, mental and social health. To me health is more than just an absence of Illness or distress. It is a state in which contentedness and peace, enthusiasm, confidence and self-worth are the normal balanced way of being. It is my passion to assist others in freeing themselves from any confines including excess weight, which are disabling their ability to claim this natural state for themselves”.

Hypnotherapy is the most successful method to effect positive changes to our eating habits and the way we relate to food. When you are ready for real change I will be happy to guide you along the way with enthusiasm, compassion and absolute support”.

Silvia offers her services in both English and German.

Silvia Henrich
Call: 053 948 0972 | Mobile: 087 645 0616

The Advance Weight-Management Hypnosis Clinic: Wexford & Gorey
Millstream House, Garden City, Gorey, Co Wexford

E: info@hypnosiswexford.ie

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Welcome to our Terenure Clinic,

where we offer a complete range of Advance Clinical Hypnosis Services and hypnotherapy interventions through our fully accredited Advance affiliated Clinical Hypnotherapist.

All our affiliated Practitioners are highly qualified and have been approved to deliver the Advance Hypnosis System including all Advance Hypno- Health Programs.

All enquiries to:
Lo-call  1 890 987 888
Email: advancehypnosisclinics@gmail.com


As a clinical Hypnotherapist my main aim is to help people overcome problems effecting their lives ,fears ,phobias,anxiety ,anger issues,habit and addictions like Alcohol,food and smoking.

Personally hypnotherapy was life changing for me. I suffered with chronic back pain for years following Ten spinal surgeries. Thanks to Hypnotherapy I no longer rely on pain medication and now lead a full and happy life.
Through my own journey I went on to study and qualify as a clinical Hypnotherapist and now run my own clinic in Kerry.

Lorraine Conroy Adv Dip Hyp, M.I.H.A
Call – Mobile: 087 6739588

The Advance Weight-Management Hypnosis Clinic: Kerry
An Riocht Health & Leisure Centre, Suite 9. Crageens, Castleisland, Co Kerry

E: lorconroy39@gmail.com

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