Hypnosis for Confidence &
Self Worth

Hypnosis for self-worth provides a gentle, deeply profound pathway for you to connect to your inner critic and put some basic ground rules in place about fairness and friendship.

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How would you feel if you could freely give yourself the appreciation, acknowledgement, recognition and compassion you need?

Let’s just pick that apart a little bit.

When your inner critic has become a hard task master you tend to use one measuring stick for other people and an entirely different measuring stick for yourself.

You may even judge yourself so harshly, with such a level of unfairness that it becomes tantamount to self-bullying. Criticising and putting down your achievements, belittling the work you do, comparing yourself against ridiculous standards of perfection.

Effectively discrediting yourself every step along the way, with attitudes, standards and judgements that you would never apply to other people. Being hard on yourself, neither giving yourself nor accepting credit when its due.

Here me out on this one

Just for a moment imagine that someone was treating your child or your best friend with the same level of judgement that you apply to yourself.

Just imagine that someone spoke to your child or loved one the way that you may speak to yourself in your own mind. Not good is it?  If it is not ok with you for others to be treated this way, then this treatment it is equally not OK for you. Fair is fair.

Recognition, acknowledgement and appreciation evaluated with fairness are the cornerstones of self-worth.

So how can Hypnosis assist you to claim your own sense of self-worth? 

Gentle hypnosis allows you to put the critical part of your mind aside for a moment. With the guidance of a highly skilled and sensitive Therapist you will effectively get to rewrite the terms and conditions which your misbehaving inner critic will have to obey from then on. It gives you the opportunity once and for all to set the record straight.

Hypnosis for Self-worth pivots around, instilling self-respect, honesty towards yourself, friendship towards yourself, compassion towards yourself.

Extend that open hand of friendship towards yourself.

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