Hypnosis for Sugar

Hypnotherapy for sugar cravings has an excellent track record of success. Many people who struggled with a “Sweet Tooth” in the past have never looked back following their hypnosis for sugar addiction therapy.

Further Information

There is much debate about whether sugar can form a true addiction or whether it is just a bad habit. To the person who is struggling with their sugar consumption it makes no difference what the ultimate definition is. All that matters is that they compulsively can’t stay away from it, no matter how often they try “to be good” and suffer negative effects because of it.

What is the problem with Sugar?

Sugar is a vital nutrient. The brain needs glucose derived from sugar to function, but not in such vast quantities that would justify daily grazing on Chocolate – Biscuits – Desserts – Cake – Ice Cream -, Fizzy Drinks – Sweets and a whole host of other sugar laden foods and food like substances.

On top of this sits the fact that not all sugars are created equal. Unfortunately, the most damaging highly processed sugars, such as Corn Syrup are the most commonly used sugars in these everyday products.

Excess sugar consumption is directly linked to many serious health conditions such as Type 2 Diabetes, Fatty Liver Disease, Inflammation and of course Obesity with all its related underlying conditions.

Are Artificial sweeteners a good alternative?

This is up for debate.  Many artificial sweeteners are linked to health problems, Aspartame and its related artificial sweetener substances although licenced in many countries as fit for human consumptions are not a good choice if your reason for beating that sweet tooth is health related.

How has Advance Hypnosis helped others to overcome their sugar problem?

At Advance Hypnosis we make every therapy session personal, no matter what the problem is.

Firstly, with your help we discover the habits, behaviours and physical and emotional drivers that are unique to your sugar problem.

Armed with this information we design your personal therapy session around powerful hypnotic aversion techniques along with positive goal paced suggestions.

During your hypnosis session

we are effectively provoking your subconscious mind into making extremely rapid changes around your unhealthy desire for sugar. Navigating these changes successfully becomes highly achievable with the right hypnotic guidance. We make it personal and in harmony with your own unique information, as the subconscious must fulfill its primary purpose, which is to protect you from harm.

If sugar is a problem that you want to get rid of, simply reach out to us.

We are here to help.

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