Strategic Weight-Loss

What is Strategic Weight Loss Hypnosis all about?

Advance Hypnosis for Strategic Weight Loss is a structured program to get the best out of what you may already do to control your weight….. And then some

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Hypnosis has become the go-to for men and women wanting to change and improve their overall health and fitness. Gaining control over negative eating patterns and curbing negative eating behaviours. Breaking down the negative emotions that often drive the unconscious behaviours to over-eat or binge on the wrong food.  Ramping up your desire and motivation for a healthy lifestyle. 

Exercise, motivation and false rewards

Many people that struggle with excess weight are already exercising regularly, more or less. 

FACT NUMBER 1:  Your exercise needs to be regular, enjoyable and achievable to give you the desired long-term results.  Effectively exercise needs to be part of your healthy, enjoyable  lifestyle. Rather than periods of going at it with great intentions for a bit,  just to fall at the first hurdle.   

EXCUSE NUMBER 1: The weather was bad, I didn’t want to go out in that, I’ll definitely go tomorrow….one day missed turned into two, into three and so on.

FACT NUMBER 2:  Exercise can not make up for bad eating habits 

EXCUSE NUMBER 2: I’ve done x amount of steps, burnt x amount of calories.  I can have that “treat”.  We don’t need to tell you that’s rubbish, because you know that already, right?

FACT NUMBER 3: Calories in Calories out….sadly it’s not that simple.  Different foods trigger different biochemical actions in your body. For example calories from donuts will trigger very different actions in your body than calories from a veggie smoothie.

EXCUSE NUMBER 3: I opt for low fat/ zero sugar foods and drinks, surely that must count for something!   ….sadly we are straight back to fact number 3.

So now it’s time for you to embark on an exciting new journey!

A journey that has real, practical structures in place.  We’re here to assist you in igniting your mind set and your motivation to finally get serious about your weight-Loss and fitness goal. You may be pleasantly surprised at just how easy it is to achieve that ideal shape and physique.  Powerful hypnosis  and your personal commitment, that is a magic combination.

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