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My name is Richard Jamieson CHp,  welcome to my Advance Clinical Hypnotherapy page.  I am at your service in Belfast, Northern Ireland Hypnosis

Becoming a hypnotherapist was a transition for me from owning a large gym for the past 5 years, where I came into contact with many people on a daily basis.

To the unsuspecting eye, everyone looked happy, healthy and leading perfect lives. But having watched these people over a period of time it became obvious that everything wasn’t ok….. everything wasn’t good….. everything wasn’t right.

Some had weight issues (both too fat and too thin) Some hated their bodies ( many to an extent where they couldn’t even look at themselves in the mirror) Some had Motivation or commitment issues Some lacked confidence Some had aches or pains Some had deep set anxiety Some suffered from depression Some held onto the trauma from past events.

I helped many of these people anyway I could, from:- General chats to brighten up their day, if even for a few minutes. Motivation prep talks to let them see a different version of how they thought. 1-2-1 training where I spent weeks, even months lifting their heads up and believing in each and every person that one day my consistent positive messages would break through and allow the client to see themselves for what they really were…. AMAZING!

I never gave up that was an amazing feeling but it was taking too long to see the change, which motivated me to learn more about human behaviour and find additional methods to assist in changing behavioural patterns quicker with permanent results.

This is when I found Clinical Hypnotherapy.

The leading profession in working with people to guide them on a journey where they can make the changes they need to with permanent results.

I Died … Before I Lived.
In the Summer of 2006 I was fit, confident in my abilities and happy in my job and my way of life, etc. Nothing could touch me … or so I thought One split second of stupidity and BANG. While renovating my own house and walking along the ridge of the roof, my foot slipped, and down I went … from over 6 meters up, to face planting the ground Thoughts running through my head went from “Oh F*#k” to “I am dead” to “This is actually quite nice” as I watched the ground get closer, knowing there was nothing I could do What happened next.??? I lay for less than a minute asking myself if I was dead, if I had broken bones, if I had serious injuries … asking myself when I should start to feel the pain But it never came … Was I dead? No … I turned myself around, untangled myself from the ladder I had landed on and stood up. Looking up I knew I should be dead but wile starting to walk I realised I had been given a second chance at living life.. sure I was going to start hurting physically eventually, but spiritually and emotionally I was set free. After that day I knew I was destined to help others as I myself that day had been helped … no not pushing you off the roof … but getting you to see that no matter how bad life gets there is always a way to see it clearer and live a completely different life. I have been dead and have came through it and now live the life I want. Even as a therapist I have underwent sessions of my own, clearing out all the unnecessary junk that serves me no purpose. I studied under the UK Hypnosis Academy as this is the ONLY regulated organisation in the U.K. providing elite level standards of practise. Everything I do is closely monitored by this company so you can be safe in the knowledge that my skills are at a very high standard With my guidance, I can lead you on a journey to living the life you want, if you really want to make that change. No matter the issue you have, I am the ONLY one who can change how you look at it, or remove it completely for ever … not just sweep it under the carpet to re-appear at a later date

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Depression – Sheryl Mahood

Just out of my session with Richard for hypnotherapy for lifting depression. I would highly recommend him worth his weight in gold if anybody is suffering depression definitely go will completely change your outlook on life.

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