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The best Hypnotherapy is powerful. It can clearly and precisely cut to the source of an issue which needs to be reframed for a positive change in mindset, behaviour or outcome.

Welcome to the Advance Hypnosis Affiliated Clinic Belfast, Jennifer McMahon at your Service.

With a curiosity, passion and drive to provide successful services in the health & wellness sector, Jennifer Mc Mahon has a vast experience in providing an array of wellbeing approaches. Including Wellness Coaching, Self-care workshop facilitation and Therapeutic Hypnotherapy.

Through her clinic work, Jennifer has discovered there is an area within self-care where hypnosis can create a pivot and a dynamic in thinking which fosters wellness on many levels.

Each client program is tailor-made and person-centred. Encouraging each client to progress to an optimal level of wellness.

Jennifer says: “Waste not thy wellbeing, for it is thy wealth”.

With this truism I believe, day and daily an individual must take the steps required to be aware of their wellbeing, noting how it morphs and actively putting correcting measures in place when necessary. To me, hypnosis brings about the most dynamic, positive change in a person’s mindset, encouraging them to continue to build their wellbeing going forward with momentum..


Jennifer’s  background in health care spans across 15 years of experience in providing well-being treatments such as Feel Good Hypnotherapy, Kinetic Shift, Body Therapies, and well-being workshops, she has been taught directly by trailblazing leaders in their field. With such comprehensive knowledge, Jennifer builds personalised treatment plans around your needs to ensure you progress to a new freeing level. Unlocking and unleashing your newly created potentiality.

Jennifer believes that each person who comes to visit her brings not only their own unique challenges but also carries their own unique path to wellness, mentally, physically and emotionally with in themselves. She firmly believes that assisting each person on their own level with uniquely tailored therapy solutions is the first responsibility of any Holistic Health Care provider.


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Jennifer McMahon is available for Well-being and Corporate Events.

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Megan O’Brien – Quit Smoking

Megan - Quit Smoking

Back in January of this year I went to see Jennifer for a hypnosis session as I had decided it was time for me to give up smoking, from the minute I spoke to Jennifer I was completely at ease as I had been quite nervous about the thought of being hypnotized, I felt stupid for feeling nervous 🙈 but Jennifer made me feel completely comfortable and at ease.... I have to say it is without a doubt the best thing I have ever done as I have now been off cigarettes completely from 17th January (when I went to Jennifer) I haven't craved a cigarette or even given them a second thought and if I'm completely honest even the smell of a cigarette turns my stomach now.... I honestly can't thank or recommend Jennifer enough.... Thank you ❤ xx

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Anne – Healthy relationship with Food

Hi. Just a wee update. I didn't go to you to loose weight. I went so that I could make healthier choices in my everyday life and try to change the relationship I had with food. That was one session nearly 4 weeks ago, here I am now with a full stone off !!! I feel amazing and I'm so much more calmer about everything in my life. Thank you so so much 😍😍

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Deirdre – Over eating

Over eating

OMG is all I can say, from the minute I stepped in through the door Jennifer relaxed me and put me at ease. Jennifer was able to get right down to the seed of why I over ate especially at night and craved all things bad. After just 2 amazing sessions she helped me overcome all of my food cravings and obsessions. I am losing weight eating healthier and I dont obsess over food anymore (I have battled with this for most of my life). I took more away from Jennifers therapy than we both could have even imagined and I would highly recommend any1 struggling to get on contact with her ASAP

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Joanne – Sweet and Chocolate

It will be three weeks tomorrow from I seen Jennifer for hypnosis for help with my love of anything sweet and I’m delighted to say not one sweet or bar of chocolate has been consumed. Thank you so much Jennifer

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Cathy - Sweet Tooth

I called upon Jennifer for help with my VERY sweet tooth, at times it got me down and I felt so sluggish. My hypnosis therapy took place 5 days ago.... I have no cravings at all, I don't even look at chocolate either, the change is unreal! I am so delighted with the outcome so if any of you out there are struggling like I did.... Jennifer and her hypnosis will tick all the boxes! Highly recommended x

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