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Welcome to Advance Clinical Hypnotherapy North Dublin.  Nicola Clancy CHp is at your service. Hypnosis for Quit Smoking – Lose Weight – Mental Health – Motivation – Addiction and much more  Hypnosis

Nicola Clancy is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, with a background in Psychology spanning over 15 years’ experience working within the Public and Private Health & Mental Health sectors.

From an early age, Nicola always had a natural fascination with people’s behaviours, how certain events affect people’s lives and what we can learn from that.  Based on this, Nicola pursued professional training in a Diploma in Strategic Clinical Hypnotherapy & Mind Coaching.

Nicola brings a broad range of expertise to the table, which compliments her Clinical Hypnotherapy Practice including Psychology, Counselling skills & CBT.

Nicola is one of only 21 people worldwide selected to participate in the specialised programme – Genetics & Genomic Counselling which will soon add a further dimension to what she can offer currently.

From her own experience, Nicola knows there are many life-changing benefits of Hypnotherapy. Hypnosis North Dublin

Personally, she has successfully overcome many obstacles and has been through many of life’s experiences, all of which has positively shaped her as a person and a professional Hypnotherapist.

Nicola has a deep sincerity and openness about her which enables her to establish an excellent rapport with people.  Nicola is a creative, fun and down-to-earth person who takes a realist’s approach to most situations by being willing to see things as they really are and deal with them in an insightful, practical and achievable manner. Hypnosis North Dublin


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