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Welcome to Advance Clinical Hypnotherapy Cavan.  Oliver  Kierans CHp is at your service. Hypnosis for Quit Smoking – Lose Weight – Mental Health – Motivation – Addiction and much more

My name is Oliver Kierans , I am a fully qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, I achieved my Practitioners Diploma  through  EICHI …….I am also an Ex-Smoker

Forgive me if this sounds somewhat dramatic but in truth the changes I experienced personally through Hypnotherapy were nothing less than dramatic. It was thanks to these changes that my entire life has taken a completely different direction for the better.

Coming from a background in the Construction Industry I was a 30 a day smoker with a bad cough and a young family. Nothing unusual there ….apart from the fact that I had very little love for construction, had an intense interest in helping people and cigarettes were killing me.

Naturally as a family man my children are foremost in my mind and smoking was the last thing I wanted to teach them.  Plus staying healthy is vital as the main provider.

Just like so many other people I tried everything to break free and after many failed attempts to give up smoking a stroke of luck led me to give hypnosis a shot. That was the day my life changed. It was like a hundred light bulbs going on.  Hypnosis had helped me achieve what I couldn’t do for myself no matter how hard I tried, I was finally a Non-Smoker for good.

I instantly realised that studying to becoming a Clinical Hypnotherapist myself was the only sensible path forward.  Soon after I began intensive and comprehensive training leading to my fully certified qualification in Clinical Hypnotherapy.

I am 100% passionate about helping as many people as I can to overcome problems affecting their life. No matter what difficulties you may face let hypnosis make it easier for you.

Quit smoking –Lose Weight – Motivation – Confidence- Sports Performance – Mental Health

I am available by appointment in Bailieborough, Cavan

Contact me on  085-8443796 for a free pre consultation informative talk

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