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Welcome to Advance Hypnosis Clinic Claremorris.  Breandan O Lorcain  CHp  Hypnosis for Quit Smoking – Lose Weight – Mental Health – Motivation – Addiction and much more

Brendan is a fluent Irish Speaker and offers his services in both his native tongue and english.  If you prefer to browse his information in Irish please scroll down

Originally from the beautiful west of Ireland’ Connemara where it’s rugged and windy Brendan had been working in the same profession for many a year until one day decided he needed a change .

So he went in search of his next career. Brendan takes up the story from here:

First I went to study to be an accountant passed and I realized it wasn’t for me.  Then I was on the road again searching for my new challenge I soon realized my true passion was what I was already doing but I didn’t realize it until I changed.  Sometimes we need a push to realize what we have.  In my youth I was looking after older people and I always had a interest in helping others .

Then one day I decided I needed to stop drinking coffee because it was coffee milk and sugar 14/15 times daily,  so I decided I better sort this out?  I was thinking,  what will I do, I heard of hypnotherapy and I’ll tell you all… I was this is pure rubbish and it will not work!  All the same I made the call to meet the hypnotherapist the next week on the day of the session.  I had a coffee with milk & sugar for luck. Typical after the session ended I never craved or looked at coffee or sugar again. The difference showed I was ready and I really was.  I then went again for smoking cessation and it worked also.

So now I’m coffee and cigarette free anything is possible once you want to

I was so amazed at this I decided I wanted to learn everything about it so I went to study hypnotherapy and I went to research the finer details.  I went to the NUIG in Galway for a foundation course in hypnotherapy It was so fascinating I joined the diploma course

The course was double diploma in hypnotherapy and mind coaching, which was delivered by Susan Wallace who is fantastic in her teaching. I’m now glad to be working as part of the Advance Hypnosis Clinics Team.

I can assist you with weight loss, smoking cessation,  confidence, motivation anxiety and much  more

I look forward welcoming you to my clinic


Fáilte agus fáilte roimh chlinic a chur chun cinn

Is é breandan o lorcain an t-ainm atá orm agus táim i mo shearbhán agus i mo cheantar féin

Is as iarthar álainn na hÉireann mé ‘Conamara áit a bhfuil sé garbh agus gaofar

Bhí mé ag obair sa ghairm chéanna ar feadh i bhfad

Go dtí lá amháin shocraigh mé go raibh athrú ag teastáil uaim agus mar sin chuaigh mé ar thóir mo chéad ghairm bheatha ar dtús, chuaigh mé chun staidéar a dhéanamh chun bheith ina chuntasóir agus thuig mé nach raibh sé liomsa

Ansin bhí mé ar an mbóthar ag cuardach mo dhúshláin nua arís agus thuig mé go luath an rud a bhí á dhéanamh agam cheana féin ach níor thuig mé é go dtí gur athraigh mé uaireanta.

I mo óige bhí mé ag tabhairt aire do dhaoine scothaosta agus bhí spéis agam i gcónaí cabhrú le daoine eile. Lá amháin shocraigh mé go raibh orm stop a chur le ól caife mar ba bainne caife agus siúcra 14/15 uair sa lá é, mar sin shocraigh mé go réiteofaí níos fearr é? Mar sin, bhí mé ag smaoineamh cad a dhéanfaidh mé mar sin chuala mé faoi naothearpy agus inseoidh mé daoibh go léir go raibh sé seo bruscar íon agus ní fheidhmeoidh mé aon chaoi a rinne mé an glaoch freastal ar thearist seoo an tseachtain seo chugainn ar lá an tseisiúin Bhí siúcra bainne caife agam le haghaidh ádh tipiciúil tar éis deireadh an tseisiúin níor bhraith mé riamh ná níor fhéach mé ar chaife nó siúcra arís, arsa an difríocht a dúirt go raibh mé réidh agus go raibh mé ansin arís chun éirí as caitheamh tobac agus d’oibrigh sé freisin

Mar sin anois tá rud ar bith caife agus toitíní saor in aisce nuair is mian leat

Bhí iontas orm mar sin shocraigh mé go raibh mé ag iarraidh foghlaim faoi mar sin chuaigh mé chun staidéar a dhéanamh ar seoothearpy agus chuaigh mé chun taighde a dhéanamh ar na sonraí

Chuaigh mé go dtí an nuig i mbealach isteach do chúrsa bunchéime in hynothearpy Bhí sé chomh suimiúil sin d’imigh mé isteach sa chúrsa dioplóma

Ba é Susan Wallace a thabharfaidh an cúrsa dioplóma dúbailte faoi oiliúint intiothearpy agus intinne, rud atá iontach ina teagasc

Táim sásta anois a bheith ag obair mar chuid de na réamhchlinicí

Is féidir liom cabhrú leat le muinín agus spreagadh le caitheamh tobac de bharr meáchain a chaitheamh tobac agus a lán eile

Táim ag tnúth le fáilte a chur romhat chuig mo chlinic


I seen an ad for advance hynosis so I contacted the claremorris clinic
Where I meet breandan who was extremely knowledgeable
He answered all my questions even though there were stupid ones
I had a massive problem with my confidence and aniexty after the first session I noticed the difference so I went back for another session to say I was like a new person was an understatement
I felt refreshed and new
I would highly recommend advance hynosis for any problem you have
It's cost nothing to call
Thanks for your continued support breandan

        on Claremorris Clinic

I went to breandan in the galway advance clinic
With a problem that had me up and down it was my weight causing me grief what breandan didn't know that I was a secret drinker but after the the consultation
He had figured out that my weight wasn't from eating it was from been an alcoholic a secret one my family didn't even know
He quickly designed a plain of action I was back the following day where we had the first session
After a short two hours I left the clinic feeling relieved and glad my problem was been in hand
This clinic was on the ball
I'm drink free and I feel better I'm losing weight and sleeping great at night
For any problem with drink or food advance hypnosis is the place to go
Thanks breandan for your continued support and checking on my progress

        on Claremorris Clinic
Denise -Sugar & Chocolate Craving

I used to have such sugar and chocolate craving I ate bread like it's going out of fashion
I decided one day I had to make a change but didn't have the will power so I went to breandan In the clinic two hours of hynothearpy
And I was on the road goodbye cravings goodbye junk good
Hello slimmer me 1.5 stone off
Thank you for your support and motivation

       Weight Loss on Claremorris Clinic

I went to the claremorris clinic for weight loss where I met breandan from the first contact to the end of sessions he was excellent
I have lost over a stone of weight with hynothearpy which was excellent from the motivation and the confidence that I received I no longer have cravings for bread or chocolate or any junk food
If your looking to cut out all this junk this is the clinic to go
Highly confident and effective
I recommend this clinic for serious results

       Weight Loss on Claremorris Clinic
Andy Grimes

I went to the advance claremorris clinic to quit smoking after I made my enquires I was very surprised and relieved breandan was very informative and an absolute gent I can't believe I went from 30 a day fags to having no cravings or desire to smoke.
Money well spent I highly recommend this clinic

        on Claremorris Clinic

Hard to believe I went 40 cigarettes a day to zero in a single session with breandan from the claremorris clinic
He was very informative from his first contact he accomadated my needs as regards he fitted in in around my work he called me early in the mourning as I requested
If your looking to kick the habit I would highly recommend breandan
Thanks again

       Quit Smoking on Claremorris Clinic
Katrina – Weight Loss

Hi went to advance claremorris clinic
And meet breandan he was very polite and professional he talked me trough all my options
He was educated on his information so we put the plain into place
3/4 weeks in now and I see a massive difference in my clothes and in my appearance I feel more healthy and happier and my sugar cravings are gone no desire for junk food or takeaways I would highly recommend this clinic if your looking to make a positive change
Thanks breandan for your help

       Weight Loss on Claremorris Clinic
Brendan OHara – Quit Smoking

1 week off the cigarettes now and feeling confident. Found Breandan very professional, punctual and helpful and really put me at ease initially. He also gave me great support and aftercare. Would recommend this facility to anyone.

        on Claremorris Clinic
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