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Hi and welcome to the Advance Weight-Management Hypnosis page of Teresa McGrath, Clondalkin & Terenure Clinics.

This is Teresa’s story, we hope it inspires you to find your inner self too!

Teresa had experienced all of the so called ‘successes’ and the definite  failures’ the merry-go-round of the diet industry for many years. Roller-coaster dieting, latching on to the ‘fad’ diets of the day and the promises of permanent weight loss. Of course non of which delivered on unsubstantiated promises leading to constant failures and disappointments.

The circle would go on and on when the
next ‘no-fail’ diet hit the headlines, she continued endlessly searching for the miracle cure.

This so called yo-yo dieting was having a serious negative affect on her wellbeing, health and life style and she decided to do something positive about it. About six years ago Teresa became interested in clinical hypnotherapy, she researched and found a registered clinical hypnotherapist and had several sessions focusing on using hypnosis as a means to free her mind of the negative thoughts and blocks which she understood to be standing in the way of finding her way back to the happy healthy slimmer person she used to be.

Something magical happened in hypnosis, her whole attitude and thought processes to weight had changed, reducing body weight wasn’t a problem anymore, the astounding transformation in her attitude of mind and the not so subtle body changes were a profound encouragement to her
ongoing success.

Nothing was a problem now that her mind was in a state of pure clarity with distinct direction and a
greater understanding of how food was affecting her body and how she could use this newfound
knowledge to heal herself with the wonderful marriage of hypnosis and food science.

Her starting weight was 15.7 Stone her aim to shed 4.7 stone.
Over a time frame of fourteen months Teresa reached her target goal 11.00st.

Enjoying in her success with hypnosis Teresa decided to train as a clinical hypnotherapist which would give her the ‘tools’ to help other people to experience the joy she still experiences on a daily

Today she helps clients overcome all life limiting issues with her empathy, understanding and
personal experiences.

Teresa McGrath Adv.Dip.Hip. MICHI
Call – Mobile: 087 6861875 or 01-4664223
The Advance Weight-Management Hypnosis Clinic:
Clondalkin & Terenure Office 7, Main Building, Killinarden
Enterprise Park, Whitestown Way, Dublin 24

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