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where we offer a complete range of Advance Clinical Hypnosis Services and hypnotherapy interventions through our fully accredited Advance affiliated Clinical Hypnotherapist.

All our affiliated Practitioners are highly qualified and have been approved to deliver the Advance Hypnosis System including all Advance Hypno- Health Programs.

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Nail Biting

“I was always a little anxious and sometimes started to bite my nails. I have been doing this for years. It is a disgusting habit and I wanted to stop.
I had met Nuno on a coaching course, and I had heard that hypnosis could help with bad habits such as smoking and over eating. So, I thought that I would give it a try.
I was in half sleep during the session and heard everything that Nuno said to me. I want to have beautiful manicured nails and stop attacking my fingers with my sharp teeth. I was very relaxed during the session. More relaxed than I have ever been. I trusted Nuno fully and felt comfortable throughout.
I have stopped biting my nails. Before I started to bite my mails without thinking. Now I become instantly aware when I move to bite my nails and stop myself. So far so good.
Absolutely. I am looking forward to having proper finger nails for the first time in years. I want to use hypnosis to lose weight which is something that I have struggled with for years. Thanks Nuno!!!” Martin

        on Dublin City Centre Clinic

It was mostly curiosity. I wanted to explore the connections to my past and close some doors behind. Interestingly enough it turned out that the doors I had in mind - the ones that I was aware of, had already been closed. Yet, another ones appeared unexpectedly and revealed the most fascinating mysteries
My experience and impressions of the sessions are very positive. Nuno is a true professional. He answered my endless questions and shared his experience with me. He calmly guided my through the sessions, even when their course greatly surprised both of us.
The sessions with Nuno lifted effortlessly a heavy burden I had been carrying on my shoulders. I could not only observe their immediate benefits but also with time I have spotted further improvements.
I would recommend sessions with Nuno to anyone who is looking for self-exploration and an adventure with the most inner-self. The sessions were extraordinary and easily resolved an issue which I had been dragging behind for as long as I remember” Ania

        on Dublin City Centre Clinic

“Before having my hypnosis sessions, I was worried about not being able to overcome my difficulty to laugh or having fun anymore. I felt like there was no reason for it and what worried me most was the fact that everything seemed flat. I would see other people laugh and feel completely out of place.
When I had my first session, I was curious and a bit nervous. I didn’t know what to expect as it was my first experience with hypnosis. During the sessions I felt calm and relaxed. The cause of the issue emerged, and we worked on it on the next sessions.
I learned that you can look at past events with a different perspective, putting the drama away and giving yourself the option to not grieve over things that are not worth it anymore. I also learned to leave these events in the past and not use them now as an excuse to not change things.
After I finished the sessions, I can say I deeply benefited from having them and recommend anyone to try it. It will help you know yourself better and is a good tool to help overcome your issues.
Thank you, Nuno, for the help given, I really appreciate your work.” Marta

        on Dublin City Centre Clinic
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