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Welcome to Advance Hypnosis Dublin City Center Clinic, Fiachra Morrison at your service.

Hypnosis for Stress release, Quit Smoking – Lose Weight – Mental Health – Motivation – Addiction and much more

I have worked with many people since 2004, helping them find a way to take back control of their lives. Control may have been lost due to a personal situation, decisions that were made or for many other reasons. I am passionate about finding a permanent resolution with each client so they can move on with their life with a renewed self-worth and as a better person.

Dynamic Therapy has an energy and direction that is driven by what my client wants to achieve. We can do this regardless of what they have been through or the complexity of the issue.

My training in Hypnotherapy, Counselling and Mind Coaching has provided me with many skills and techniques that enable me to work with a wide variety of issues. These include bad habits and behaviours, low self-esteem, rage, phobias, anxieties, addiction and post-traumatic stress, to mention a few.

Most behaviours are generated deep within the unconscious mind and we may not be consciously aware of the reason they have developed. It can sometimes be difficult to make sense of these behaviours, particularly those that may be destructive.

As a therapist I have the skills to communicate and work with the unconscious mind at a very deep level. The processes used are very gentle and very effective and work over a relatively short period of time. They bringing a new sense of balance and control and a new understanding of the potential that is within.

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