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Stephen Travers - Clinical Hypnotherapist

Hello my name is Stephen Travers and I’d like to welcome you to Advance Hypnosis Network Dublin 4 – Dublin 7 & Dublin City Centre Clinics.

At Advance Hypnosis I deliver accredited Clinical Hypnotherapy. The difference is in my Dublin clinics I can help you through applying the latest neuroscientific based leading edge psychological methods with hypnosis for the aim of producing excellent results for you.

I personally train, present and work alongside other leaders & health professionals in the fields of hypnotherapy, neuroscience and personal development, such as the renowned American, New York Medical Doctor Ronald Ruden & Hypnotherapist Paul McKenna.

When you attend one of our Advance Hypnosis Dublin clinics you can be assured you will receive the most modern, highly effective psychological treatments available in the world today. We are very proud of the fast, lasting, positive results we achieve for our clients on a range of issues.

Alongside my work as a Clinical Hypnotherapist I also teach and certify other therapists & health professionals in the new ground-breaking neuro scientific therapy, known as the Havening Techniques. This breakthrough therapy quickly & successfully treats anxiety, panic attacks, post-traumatic stress, phobias, trauma, & addictive behaviours. I am an international Certified Havening Techniques Trainer & enjoy doing presentations and training’s in Ireland & abroad each year in this extraordinary therapy. And I am The Director of U.K. & International Havening.

If you are seeking help in any area of your life and are exploring Hypnotherapy as a possible solution, why not contact me personally by simply submitting the form below.  I’d would be happy to assist you and answer any further questions you may have.

Regards Stephen.

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