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Silvia Henrich is based in the South East of Ireland and is available for appointments in both Gorey and Wexford Town.
She is a professional Hypnotherapist, with 29 years of experience in the field of holistic health. Her background encompasses a broad variety of skills including Kinesiology, Brain Integration, Self-development, Stress Relief and Mindfulness in the modern World. Silvia draws upon all her
experience to create hypnotherapy treatments which are uniquely tailored to the specific needs of each individual person who walks through her doors.

Silvia says: “Distress begins with a single thought… So does health”.
“I believe our most precious possession is our mental, physical and social
health. To me health is more than just an absence of Illness or distress. It is a state in which contentedness and peace, enthusiasm, confidence and self-worth are the normal balanced way of being.

It is my passion to assist others in freeing themselves from any confines which are disabling their ability to claim this natural state for themselves”. Hypnotherapy is the most successful method to effect positive changes to our behaviors and our mental wellbeing. It helps people struggling
with Weight Issues, Smoking Cessation, Anxiety, Depression, Fears, Phobias, Pain, Addiction and Trauma of any kind including abuse and bereavement.

Silvia offers her services in both English and German.

Rita Kinsella

[caption id="attachment_67623" align="alignnone" width="300"] 2 years following Weight Loss Hypnosis with Silvia. I am a Size 10 and have maintained my Size & Weight easily.[/caption]

Just a quick Update: Maintaining Weight Loss

I had hypnosis with Silvia Henrich, nearly two years ago , it changed my life , I still have maintained my weight loss, and it's part of my daily routine, I am a size 10 and with exercise, and good nutrition , I am very happy with my weight loss. Would highly recommend Sylvia for hypnosis, or any of her treatments

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So lucky to have found Sylvia, having tried everything to stop smoking for many years, I had one
hypnosis over a year ago and have successfully not smoked since. Not smoking now has changed my
whole life… my children are happier, my career can flourish, my health is better. I feel privileged and
grateful everyday because smoking nearly destroyed me. Thank you so much Sylvia x

       Quit Smoking on Gorey Clinic

Thanks to Silvia I no longer have constant thoughts about ending my life. I no longer feel guilty about
everything and not carrying that feeling round everyday has meant that I can live my life again. My
relationship with my family has improved drastically as a result. I had got to the stage where I
needed a few drinks most nights just to make me feel better… I don’t anymore.

       Depression on Gorey Clinic

I went to see Sylvia for anxiety. I have suffered from this for years. I have to say thank you to Sylvia
for all your help during my hypnosis sessions. Every morning I would wake up with anxiety, I would
feel a lot of fear like something bad was going to happen. It was so bad it would paralyze me most
morning where I would sit there and think of all the bad things that could happen. It stopped me
from living my life fully for years. Every week after a session I would feel much better. When I
finished my sessions I have noticed gradually over the last few weeks how much my life have
improved. I have not once sat there in the morning and think of all the bad things that could
happen. I get up every morning and get on with my life and the more I engage in my life the more
my life gets better. I’m noticing every week I am feeling much better and I expect every week to get
better and better from here on in. Hypnosis has changed my life so much. Sylvia is one of the nicest
person I have ever met. From the minute you enter her clinic you feel at ease in her friendly
company. Her gentle but firm approach during hypnosis is very calming and you feel so relaxed after
it. If you are from the South East and your thinking of doing hypnosis session for whatever reason
Sylvia is the woman to go to. Thank you Sylvia you are a star.

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Joseph McDonald

I’ve found Sylvia to be an excellent practitioner and have had huge success with her work. She
maintains a professional yet warm and welcoming atmosphere in her clinic and her hypnosis results
speak for themselves. I couldn’t recommend her enough for any and all issues hypnosis can help. I
had tried many other avenues to resolve past issues but this finally worked.Recently I found it really
effective in my professional career and have great success for increasing work productivity and

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I’ve been trying to quit smoking for some time but always unsuccessfully. I met Silvia and she offered
to help me quit smoking through hypnosis therapy. To be honest, In the beginning I thought it
wouldn’t work, but with her help and professionalism our result was a success. Since I have stopped
smoking, I feel like I’ve never smoked at all. My life has changed since the therapy. I feel much better and I have much more energy and enthusiasm with each new day. I would really like to thank Silvia
for the great work she does and I recommend it to everyone who is in this war to stop smoking.

Venho tentando parar de fumar faz algum tempo mas sempre sem sucesso. Conheci a Silvia Henrich e ela me ofereceu ajuda para parar de fumar por meio de terapia de hipnose. Pra ser honesto pensei
que nao funcionaria, mas com a ajuda e o profissionalismo da Silvia o nosso resultado foi um
sucesso. Desde entao fumar deixou de ser um habito, me sinto como se nunca tivesse fumado.
Minha vida mudou depois da terapia, me sinto muito melhor, com mais disposicao e energia no meu
dia a dia. Queria muito agradecer a Silvia pelo otimo trabalho que ela faz e eu a recomendo para
todos que estao nessa guerra para parar de fumar.

       Quit Smoking on Gorey Clinic

For years I’ve struggled with anxiety/panic attacks when faced with going to quiet, crowded,
enclosed spaces, especially churches! After only 3 sessions Silvia has helped me manage and control
my anxiety and fears. Silvia immediately put me at ease with her warm, friendly personality and I
would highly recommend her to anyone…I only wish I went to Silvia sooner!

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Danu Gilna

i went to visit silvia for help to remember crucial details from 8 years ago that i needed to proceed
with a court case,it was a complete sucess and i was able to recall all that i needed to with her
expert help,thanks to silvia my solicitor now has all the information and dates needed to proceed
with my case.could not recommend her enough,im so glad i learned that hypnotism is so useful for a
variety of uses and not just for giving up smoking or weightloss like i had previously thought,ill
definately be back again.

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Abacus Fran

How lucky the people of Gorey are to have such a wonderful caring person like Silvia, who is there to
help with all life limiting issues. wishing you every success

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Bernie Gibson – Amazing

Sylvia is a wealth of knowledge. From doing a short course with her on mindfulness and meditation
which included hypnotherapy to an overall meditation class, you can feel her passion for what she
does and for helping people find their way to living a more content and happy life.
During the course she practised some hypnosis and I found it relaxing and soothing. The anxiety
drifted away there and then and more importantly stayed away. My sleep improved and it had all
round benefits to my life as a whole.
She is an amazing women and I would highly recommend her.

        on Gorey Clinic
Dr Sally Ryan

I am feeling very optimistic about this course of treatment , for weight loss and other issues. After
the first session I felt more positive than I have done for a long time. Silvia’s gentle and caring
approach, along with her professionalism and thorough knowledge of her subject, took away any
anxieties I had about being hypnotised. Once I relaxed enough to engage with the treatment I could
feel real change starting to take place, and I am looking forward to the rest of the sessions. I believe
they will truly lead me to a lighter brighter future , with burdens shed along with the pounds.

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