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Aurelien Lesage - Clinical Hypnotherapist

Aurelien Lesage – Clinical Hypnotherapy


Advance Hypnosis City Centre is the hot spot Hypnotherapy Clinic to deal with the constant pressure of fast paced City life.

Aurelien understands the mental strain a high pressure environment coupled with long working hours creates. He understands how difficult it can be to balance life in the city. He understands how easy it is to lose oneself and slip into negative behaviours and thought patterns.

As a former professional Chef working in a very demanding environment for 18 years, he knows all about this and calls this:

Life in the Pressure Cooker

Aurelien: “It inevitably leads to burn out. Burn out leads to misbehaviour to compensate for the lack of feeling good naturally.  Some people start to eat their troubles, others drown them with alcohol or take drugs, gamble, shop incessantly just to get away from themselves and feel better just for a brief moment. Some even take their stress out on others.

It leads to emotional chaos, constantly feeling dissatisfied, even getting angry and irritated at things that are irrelevant for most people in life, but seem extremely important all of a sudden.  Life is not supposed to feel like this.

If the mental and emotional element of burn out is not effectively addressed it poses the danger of leading to a complete breakdown.  It is always the better choice to avoid this by taking positive steps to personal change before it all comes crashing down”.

Hypnotherapy has helped countless people to take the lid off that pressure cooker lifestyle and bring their life back into balance.

It has helped countless people to take back control and get rid of unwanted habits, behaviours and coping mechanisms. Hypnosis has helped people struggling with Addictions, Mental and Emotional Distress, Weight Loss, Trauma, Anxiety and much more.

You can contact Aurelian Lesage with confidence that you will be welcomed in complete confidentiality at the Advance Hypnosis Dublin City Centre Clinic.


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