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Dundalk Clinic

Krists Auseklis

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Krists Auseklis is at your service at the Advance Hypnosis Clinic in Dundalk.

Krists is naturally drawn to helping people from all walks of life in their endeavours to change their life for the better.

Spending a number of years studying and gaining qualifications across several complimentary therapies.  Having discovered Hypnosis Krists developed a keen interest in its fundamental power and how it works harmoniously with the subconscious part of the mind.  He successfully absolved his training in the field of Clinical Hypnotherapy graduating with distinction from the I.C.H.I

Krists recognises the immense potential of Hypnotherapy in following his chosen path of helping people who struggle, to achieve and maintain their desired lifestyle changes.   Following years of dedication, studying the art and science of natural healthcare, hypnosis has proven to him that the subconscious mind must be in agreement with the desired outcome for both body and mind to effectively heal and change.


Krists Auseklis:

“It is my passion to help people in many ways using

Hypnotherapy such as to overcome fears and

anxiety, addictions, trauma of all kinds, PTSD,

stress and anger release, weight loss or quit

smoking and to embrace living life once again.

Hypnosis is not only a tool to make wonderful

changes in your life, it’s a way to de-stress,

improving overall health.”

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