Advance Hypnosis Affiliate Clinic Louth 

Welcome to Advance Hypnosis Affiliated Louth Clinic,  Michael H. Burke CHt at your service.

Michael Burke is a Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist with over 20 years of experience, certified by the American Institute of Hypnotherapy. Sessions with Michael are confidential, compassionate and judgement free.

Michael offers his clients assistance, guidance and support for a wide range of issues including substance misuse, irrational fears, anxiety, panic, social anxiety, relaxation, sleep, stress, anger and unwanted behaviours or habits. The sessions may be content free if you prefer. Or perhaps you would want to increase or improve self confidence /esteem, performance at work or play, or decrease nervousness due to an upcoming job interview, driving test, or speaking in public as best man or a presentation at work.

Michael became interested in Hypnotherapy while working as an engineer with a medical device manufacturer making Nuclear Medicine Gamma Cameras. Being in the industry, he was reading feedback and interviewing clinicians regarding improvements to the equipment, and became particularly interested in Brain Scan studies being used to analyse the effects of hypnosis on brain activity and became fascinated to the point of studying hypnotherapy and becoming a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist with the American Institute of Hypnotherapy in 1998.

Michael Burke Hypnosis also provides Rapid Pain Elimination Therapy, skillfully using protocols such as Subconscious Therapeutic Elimination of Pain Signals / Mind Mediation / Interactive Lucid Dreaming / Total Integrated Mind Enhancement / Gift of Self Healing for the reduction and release of unnecessary Emotional and/or Physical Pain.

Michael works out of clinics in Drogheda and Dundalk as well as workshops and introductory talks in various locations, and is looking forward to partnering with the other members of Advance Hypnosis to provide you with a professional, local, affordable hypnotherapist in your area, get in touch and explore working together today!

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