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Online Therapy at Advance Hypnosis Clinics

Why do we offer our services to you online as well as in person?

Online Therapy – simply to make it easier for you to get the help you need, when you need it, wherever you are in the world.

Over the past years many of our clients have chosen to engage with us online in our Virtual Clinic Rooms, these are just some of the reasons why:

Living abroad – We have helped people all around the globe – virtually.

Health reasons – we assist people who are in isolation, suffer from impaired immunity or have mobility issues.

Many people simply prefer to be in their own familiar environment – Sometimes for reasons of convenience, sometimes for reasons of struggling with leaving their home due to fear, phobias, anxiety and such

Convenience – creating space to fit therapy into your life is made easy.

Time saving – Time is a precious commodity.  Free time even more so, we respect your time.

Cutting out stressful travel to and from our physical clinic locations  – travelling can be stressful for some people. We are interested in making it possible for those people who struggle with that to get the help they need.

Cost effective – No travel or parking expenses

What can you expect from an online session?

We deliver the very same high quality personalised therapy sessions in our private online clinics as we do in our physical clinic locations.

We take the same great care of your privacy and your safety as we always do. Preserving your ecology, the same as during a person to person visit is of the highest priority.   

If it is your first visit we have an in depth conversation to begin with, a fact finding mission so to speak.  From the information gathered we then device your solution focused hypnotherapy program which is personal and unique to you, taking all of your personal facts into account.  

Before your first online hypnotherapy session we take you step by step through the very easy technical process and also the very straightforward safety procedures you need to follow to ensure your comfort throughout your online hypnosis session.   You do not need any special equipment for any of this.  

Following on from this it’s straight into the same quality solution focused hypnosis with our especially for online adapted induction protocol, to help you achieve the desired outcome, making the changes that are so important to you. 

How do I connect with you for online Therapy?

Connecting with us is made easy for you.

Click on the button below to get in touch with us through our contact form

Mel – Online Therapy Emotional Pain

I availed of Silvia 's service many years ago after I experienced emotional pain. I began with six sessions.
During the first session I noticed I felt very relaxed , safe and comfortable with Silvia. I also noticed how quickly I was able to move to a state of hypnosis without even being aware I was under hypnosis. During each session I felt Silvia 's warmth , kindness and support . I came away from the sessions feeling lighter , more energised and less stressed . I also began to notice and experience feelings of joy and happiness once again.
Because of my first experience I decided to return years later to find that Silvia had an online service. I availed of Silvia s online service as I had quiet a bit to travel . From my online experience with Silvia I can tell you the experience was no different to my first experience with Silvia in the therapy room. Silvia s online service was
Five ***** .
It is good to know that I do not have to leave the comfort of my home from now on for sessions.
I am delighted you went online Silvia . The zoom experience is outstanding . I am looking forward to my next online session. Thanks again Silvia....

     Online Therapy on Online Hypnotherapy Clinic Clinic

Dee – Online Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

I decided to have hypnotherapy sessions with Silvia, following a difficult situation at work which triggered my anxiety from few years ago and I was in a constant state of dread and panic. I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder few years ago and had been on medication which I had managed to come off. I had also spent about 2 years in counselling. When the anxiety came back this year, I wanted to try something different, something that would get to the root cause. That's how I came across Silvia. Due to covid 19 all the sessions were on zoom. After just 4 sessions, I had a breakthrough. I no longer have the constant feeling of dread in me and I find that I don't panic easily. I'm a lot more confident at work and I feel happy and a lot lighter. I no longer walk around with a pit in my stomach. I feel like I got a new lease on life, I never thought it was possible to feel this way.

Silvia is very compassionate and its very obvious how much she loves this work. I feel so fortunate to have had sessions with her. Thank you Silvia from the bottom of my heart.

     on Online Hypnotherapy Clinic Clinic

Lorraine O’Dwyer – Online Hypnosis for Headspace

Online Hypnosis for Headspace

I recently took advantage of Silvia's Online Hypnosis Service during the Covid Lockdown. Via Zoom we had an utterly brilliant session. She totally transformed my headspace bringing about a sense of calmness I haven't had in ages. I am very new to doing anything online and was nervous it wouldn't work but it was extremely easy, Silvia's lovely soothing voice came through perfectly and I found myself effortlessly going under. I am really looking forward to the next session and I can honestly say, this method is as good at sitting in her treatment room!

Thank you Silvia!

     on Online Hypnotherapy Clinic Clinic
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