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Originally from Dublin, Fran Malone CHP. Adv.Dip.Hip. MIHA ICHI has spent a lot of his working life in the caring professions, from his time working with the elderly and right up to his time working as a volunteer with the Samaritans. All of which has added to his experience and empathy when assisting people who may be distressed or needing help when dealing with life changing issues.

With a lifetime interest in Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Fran furthered his education in the UK studying Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) with ‘Hypnotherapy Centre of Excellence’, gaining a Hypnotherapy Practitioners Qualification and membership of the British
Institute of Hypnotherapy.

Weight management has always been a discipline that has been in the forefront of our thoughts here at advance. Imagine how good it will feel when, weight management becomes a way of life, rather than an aspiration. Our expertise and experience in weight management is a ready resource for our clients to experience with ease to attain the results they want.

Fran Malone Senior Clinical Hypnotherapist

Mary Dalton

Lovely friendly atmosphere, I was both nervous and sceptical about being hypnotised as I had tried
everything to help me to stop smoking without any success. Fran listened to my concerns and put
me at ease straight away with his easy going positive attitude. He told me I would leave his office a
happy non smoker, l found this hard to believe because anytime I tried to stop smoking I was always
very unhappy and I'd end up smoking again after a few hours. I am happy to say that Fran was right I
am a happy non smoker for the past 5weeks, my family and friends cannot believe that I have no
cravings or desire to smoke. Thank you Fran

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Michelle Jane O’Brien

I went to see Fran on the 5th of April 2016 and I was very apprehensive. I spoke to loads of people
who tried and failed hypnosis. I had a mission to get to my holidays in June half way through the
holidays and I still feel great I can do more walk more and I am more fit. Still now even after a few
months the smell of cigarette smoke makes me feel ill. Fran is an absolute Gentleman and I cannot
recommend him enough. I am now a happy healthier Non Smoker.

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Jessica Adamson

I don't know how he done it, after 15 years of being a smoker and trying every method under the
sun to quit I never lasted longer than a day, after a session with fran I am now 6 days smoke free and
still can't believe it. thank u Fran for giving me my life back xxx

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Maeve Litton

Fran I cannot THANK YOU enough , you have made such a wonderful change in my life .I was able to
stop smoking with your fantastic professional guidence and care .Iwas a very heavy smoker for more
years then I care to remember and now after four months smoke free , I am feeling so much
healthier so BIG THANK YOU MAEVE

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Markie Dunne

It's not "talk to Joe" it's talk to Fran! He's great and I'm on top of the world. Well worth a call, do it

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Cheryl Naughton

I would highly recommend a visit to Fran what ever the situation...
Instant success.
Very happy I discovered hypnosis.

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Anne-marie Elston

The best thing I've ever done , I'm now a very happy non smoker , I'd highly recommend Fran and his
clinic , a lovely relaxed friendly environment , I felt a bit lost the next day and agitated so I gave Fran
a call he made me feel at ease straight away , I've more energy , sleeping better , finally feel in
control of my life again , thanks to Fran and hypnosis

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Linda Doyle

I had 2 sessions with Fran for my fear of flying. I'm just back after my long haul trip and I couldn't be
happier with how it went. I had 0 anxiety on any of my flights and actually enjoyed flying for the 1st
time in years. I couldn't believe the difference. Thanks so much Fran. would highly recommend you.

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Rachel Flood Rooney

I went to Fran with a fear which I first thought was very unusual , a fear of motorways and dual carriageways. With some research myself before I went to fran , I found that it's actually quite common. But I didn't always have that fear. I was a very confident driver and drove the four corners of Ireland , plus I was a taxi driver for years.
Before my fear began nearly nine years now, and right up till I went to see fran, I had OCD and very obsessive behaviour. Cleaning, checking locks, checking taps, checking doors, and wanting to be perfect in every way, my personal appearance, in my work place and everything I did. I honestly thought nothing of it, it was the norm to me, I just lived with it, till..... Boom , it took over nine years ago I was driving to Wexford and something came over me, My heart raced and I couldn't breathe. I absolutely had no clue wat it was. I didn't know abt anxiety or panick attacks at the time, it had never happened me. In that nine years I went from pulling over to the side of the road wen they'd come on, then went to the passenger seat cos I wouldn't drive them no more, than to the extreme of the very nervous back seat passenger. It all came to a head just before Christmas and I said I cannot take this anymore. I want my freedom back to drive were I want to get too on these motorways . My lovely friend Theresa put me in touch with an incredible man and a genius at what he does, fran. During my sessions with fran , I learned a lot of positive suggestions. With these positive suggestions settling into my subconscious, I'm wonderfully surprised in my self confidence with every passing day. Each day I'm taking time to listen to my own needs and desires. I feel now I need to be exactly were I need to be on my journey through life. Everyday I'm making choices that support my personal development. Because I'm choosing to be mindful and stay present. Listening to Fran, made me realize I have all my own tools I need to take care of myself . I'm focusing on the positive and it's giving me the confidence to grow and be a better version of myself each day. I'm choosing to be the person I want to be, and those motorways dual carriageways are not choosing it
for me no more !!!!
So I will continue to listen to the self hypnosis audio Fran gave me and now that I'm choosing to be the person I wanna be, everything around me is falling into place. Fran, I cannot thank you enough, and I highly recommend you to anyone.. thank you, big hug and thank you for making it so enjoyable along the way...
Your the best xxxx And to Theresa, you were an angel from heaven, thk you also xxxx

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Stephen McGill

Fantastically Welcoming clinic with the highest levels of Hypnotherapy in Ireland

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Aedin Kavanagh

Did some work with Fran to challenge my fear of flying in small aeroplanes.. Took the return trip this week and my experience exceeded my expectations. I never imagined I would enjoy watching the propellers increase velocity or listening to the sound of the engines as they prepared for take off.. thanks Fran next challenge will be flying lessons

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Anne Kyle

Feeling trapped and alone like theirs no way out,
id have screaming in my head bu no words come out my mouth,
A constant battle with another voice inside my head,
Amazing waking up in the morning and wishing you were dead,
One voice would tell you don't be silly you have a son,
But the other says he wont even notice if you're gone,
trembling hands closed up throat, would it feel any different if I was tied around a rope,
Amazing things keep happening to me, my throat is closing up is dis reality,
I just wanna be rid of dis fear and free from pain
And go back to a time were I was happy and sane,
I got up one day and decided to get help,
Any time I go the docs I get the same drug of the shelf
The drugs have done nothing only covered up my pain,
then I come of them I'm back to square one again,
I'm sick of getting prescription after prescription,
See Looking after mental health isn't a priority in our system.
The days in de dail with mental health congregations,
you see nothing but empty seats and hear no explanations,
If you want something done you do it your self, be your own drug and keep the other on the shelf
So I got up one day and desided to get help,
The next road I was on was starting hypnotherapy, hoping to god this will finally set me free
The first day I walk in I was shaking and sturred,
But when I walked out that door I felt as light as a bird,
I countinued on my sessions I'm on my last one,
And for once in my life i feel it has begun,
No more letting the past get into the presence of my future,
No more letting my mind be my constant abuser,
No more being afraid to live my life in general,
Or day dreaming about what way I wanna have my funeral,
These past few weeks have helped me a lot,
I really wanna live my life and give it all I got,
Made me realize that life is way to short,
For being miserable or being unhappy of any sort,
they say our subconscious mind is our only protector,
Don't let it play you as cast member sack it from being your directer,
do it as I did get rid of the medication,
Hypnotherapy changed my life so I gave it my dedication,
I went from 0 to 90 in a couple of weeks,
For once in my life I hear my positive tots speak
I can feel the positivity from my head my toe,
when I never tot that side of me would ever show,
I was ready to give up I didn't think it would get better ,
But now I'm waking up feeling lighter den a feather,
Your are the only person that can save you from your suffering,
Stop playing pause on your life and leaving it buffering,
We're not here for a long time so try make your time good,
With a click of a finger we could be sent up above,
Rather your anxious depressed or suicidal, stop dwelling on your mistakes we all make them have u
never read the bible,
We need to start forgiving our self and being free spirits,
I hope you all take in something from what I'm saying in these lyrics,
even if some of you don't I understand,
but there ain't Nothing wrong with needing a helping hand,
You gotta do it for your self cuz no one can do it for you,
But their help out their so believe in what you can do.

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