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Welcome to our Firhouse D24 Clinic, Catriona Morrison at your Service

Having qualified with a diplomas in NLP and Life Coaching Caitriona developed her skills further with diplomas in Hypnotherapy and Mind Coaching and advanced certificates in Conversational Hypnosis.

Caitriona is interested in people and helping her clients find resolutions to their individual issues is where she finds the greatest fulfilment.

Her vast experience in working with people suffering from a wide range of issues ensures that her clients will experience a solution-focussed session and will leave with a new understanding of how they can control their own lives.

Smoking, Anxieties, dysfunctional behaviours, self esteem, anger, weight management and phobias are just a few of the common issues she meets, while irrational fears, destructive relationships and limiting beliefs also feature regularly.

Her focus on improving mental health with Hypnotherapy and teaching simple skills to reinforce these results has empowered many of her clients to turn their lives around and to tap into the strengths and resources that had laid buried within them.

Having been a successful Driving Instructor for many years, with an impressive test pass rate, understanding people’s needs and strengths are second nature to Caitriona.

Married for over thirty years and having reared three sons, she has experienced many of the challenges life can often throw.

Combining her therapeutic skills with these experiences Caitriona possesses a unique insight into the simple and effective resolution of many issues, regardless of how complex they appear.

Helping people find a clearer direction in their lives is just one of the steps along the path to happiness. This is Caitriona’s passion and her commitment and dedication to enabling positive change create a dynamic energy in her practise.

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