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Silvia Henrich is based in the South East of Ireland and is available for appointments in both Gorey and Wexford Town.

She is a professional Hypnotherapist, with 29 years of experience in the field of holistic health. Her background encompasses a broad variety of skills including Kinesiology, Brain Integration, Self-development, Stress Relief and Mindfulness in the modern World. Silvia draws upon all her
experience to create hypnotherapy treatments which are uniquely tailored to the specific needs of each individual person who walks through her doors.

Silvia says: “Distress begins with a single thought… So does health”.
“I believe our most precious possession is our mental, physical and social health. To me health is more than just an absence of Illness or distress. It is a state in which contentedness and peace, enthusiasm, confidence and self-worth are the normal balanced way of being”.

It is my passion to assist others in freeing themselves from any confines which are disabling their ability to claim this natural state for themselves”. Hypnotherapy is the most successful method to effect positive changes to our behaviors and our mental well-being. It helps people struggling
with Weight Issues, Smoking Cessation, Anxiety, Depression, Fears, Phobias, Pain, Addiction and Trauma of any kind including abuse and bereavement.

Joseph McDonald – Peace of Mind

Peace of mind. I found Sylvia to be an excellent practitioner and have had huge success with her work. She
maintains a professional yet warm and welcoming atmosphere in her clinic and her hypnosis results
speak for themselves. I couldn’t recommend her enough for any and all issues hypnosis can help. I
had tried many other avenues to resolve past issues but this finally worked.Recently I found it really
effective in my professional career and have great success for increasing work productivity and

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Rita Kinsella

Just a quick Update: Maintaining Weight Loss

I had hypnosis with Silvia Henrich, nearly two years ago , it changed my life , I still have maintained my weight loss, and it's part of my daily routine, I am a size 10 and with exercise, and good nutrition , I am very happy with my weight loss. Would highly recommend Sylvia for hypnosis, or any of her treatments

        Weight Loss on Wexford Clinic

I was at an event and my throat felt as if it was closing following an emotional release treatment and
I could not speak. All I could do was swallow but my voice would not work. I felt as if somebody’s
hands were around my throat and they were pressing it closed. Somebody noticed I was struggling
and called Silvia over to help. After assessing that it was not a physical problem she asked could she
very quickly hypnotise me and neutralise the feeling. I agreed even though in any other situation I
would not ever have agreed to anyone hypnotising me but I was frightened and panicked and I knew
I could trust Silvia. She hypnotised me immediately before I could change my mind and the whole
thing was over before I knew it, it only took about two minutes at most. I was very surprised
afterwards the feeling had left completely and I haven’t had it since and even though I want to clear
my throat I no longer need to and when it enters my mind I don’t bother with it. Silvia’s voice was
like an anchor to me. Thank you very much for being there at the right time in the right place.

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Lisa L.

Very happy that I went to Sylvia for hypnosis. Exams were really stressing me out, after two sessions
I was really calm and confident and had no trouble remembering what I had learned. This had been
my biggest problem that I wouldn’t remember the information during exams but was fine outside
the exams. Thanks for your help Sylvia, would really recommend anyone with the same problem to
go here. I’ll be back before my driving test if I need it.

        on Wexford Clinic
Jacquline Daly

I can’t thank Silvia enough! I have struggled with a lack of motivation, to do the exercises I know I
need to help get my weight down, for years.
Thanks to your hypnotherapy sessions, I feel fantastic, I have oodles of energy, I have lost 10lbs and I
haven’t felt this good in years.
I would highly recommend you to anyone with any kind of struggle in their life.
Thank you so much!!

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I went to see Sylvia for anxiety. I have suffered from this for years. I have to say thank you to Sylvia
for all your help during my hypnosis sessions. Every morning I would wake up with anxiety, I would
feel a lot of fear like something bad was going to happen. It was so bad it would paralyze me most
morning where I would sit there and think of all the bad things that could happen. It stopped me
from living my life fully for years. Every week after a session I would feel much better. When I
finished my sessions I have noticed gradually over the last few weeks how much my life have
improved. I have not once sat there in the morning and think of all the bad things that could
happen. I get up every morning and get on with my life and the more I engage in my life the more
my life gets better. I’m noticing every week I am feeling much better and I expect every week to get
better and better from here on in. Hypnosis has changed my life so much. Sylvia is one of the nicest
person I have ever met. From the minute you enter her clinic you feel at ease in her friendly
company. Her gentle but firm approach during hypnosis is very calming and you feel so relaxed after
it. If you are from the South East and your thinking of doing hypnosis session for whatever reason
Sylvia is the woman to go to. Thank you Sylvia you are a star.

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Dolores Kearney

I attended Silvia for a session to assist with a fear of public speaking. From the start, I was treated
with reassuring professionalism and she explained the entire procedure. During my session, I felt at
all times safe and calm, Silvia has a lovely soothing voice and it was so easy to follow. I had a public
presentation to give shortly after my session and I did feel much more confident, still nervous but I,
now, experienced a sense of being in control of my voice and body movements speaking in front of
others. Many thanks to Silvia and would have no hesitation in recommending her services.

        on Wexford Clinic
Almia Byrne

Had three sessions with silivia Hendrick from gorey to help me with my fear of flying and I want to
give her a definite five stars and a huge thank you

        on Wexford Clinic

Don’t ask me how it’s gone, all I can tell you is that it is GONE! My hope by sharing my story is that
others can see that there is a way out for them too. You don’t have to live your life as a prisoner to
your issues.

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Hi everyone , my name is John and I went to Silvia for a hypnotherapy session for early itch that has
bothered me for years, I used to be scratching the insides of my ears with keys etc which was
dangerous but I couldn’t stop doing it. Silvia hypnotised me to stop the bad habit of scratching with
keys and also hypnotised me that the itch would go away. It is now around six weeks since Silvia
hypnotised me and I have stopped the ear scratching which is easy because the itch is completely
gone. My hearing was in danger of damage if I had continued this dangerous habit and thanks to Silvia , I stopped . I had tried to stop before and failed and I can honestly say I couldn’t have stopped
only for Silvia help through top quality hypnotherapy . Thanks again Silvia ! I highly recommend you
for hypnotherapy, your help has improved my life dramatically !!!

        on Wexford Clinic

I went to Sylvia for hypnosis to help me to accept a bridge of three teeth in my mouth. After 5
weeks of irritation Sylvia hypnotised me and helped me to get great relief from the ongoing

        on Wexford Clinic
Amanda D

I have had some incredible experiences with Sylvia. She is an extremely knowledgeable and
comforting therapist. You will instantly feel relaxed in her presence and oh boy will you come away
from your appointment with Sylvia a new person! I know of a lot of people who have been to Sylvia
for various different reasons and we all agree she is fantastic! I received hypnotherapy for my
anxiety and it has worked a treat.

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