Addiction Therapy & Reduce to Quit Program

Some people can become obsessively addicted to a whole range of substances, drugs and substances such as Cocaine, Cannabis, Chocolate, Pain Killers, Sugar, Diet Drinks, Junk Food, Alcohol, Prescription Medications, the list goes on really.

Other people develop addictions to certain behavioural patterns such as gambling addiction, OCD, shopping addiction, porn addiction, internet addiction, social media, exercise addiction.

Behavioural Addictions are a developed negative pattern that has formed and has become problematic. Breaking free from addiction in any form with hypnosis puts the sufferer back in control!

At Advance Hypnosis Clinic’s Nationwide we work towards obtaining subconscious resolution through advanced hypnotherapy to effectively dismantle the emotional drivers of all addictions we deliver accredited systems of recovery with proven testimonials to back up our especially developed Reduce2 Quit Program’s.

We also deliver hypnosis interventions for the problematic drinker whoms consumption of alcohol needs to simply be curbed and brought back under control.

Hypnotherapy is very effective for triggering profound and permanent personal change. To learn more about how hypnosis can break the cycle of addiction – and how you can finally become free to live your life simply get in touch with your nearest Advance Hypnosis Clinic. Our dedicated team of highly trained and certified accredited clinical Hypnotherapist are standing by.