Hypnosis for Fears - Phobias

Whenever someone is unexpectedly overwhelmed by fear, it can be an extremely terrifying experience and can often times for the sufferer even feel so impossible to push past that overwhelming feeling of fear and to even move forward in life.

The cycle of fear or a phobic reaction bring on the flight response can be physically exhausting because it compounds the fear itself preventing most who are affected by completely denying them the ability to get on with their lives.

However using Hypnosis to lift the lid on the source of the original event which caused the cycle to begin in the first instance is the key to recovery, sourcing an experienced and reputable accredited Hypnotherapist can make all the difference to begin to isolate the original cause of fears and phobia with the aim of regaining subconscious resolution.

Fears & Phobias: A phobia is a type of panic disorder, defined mostly by a consistent and overwhelming fear of an object or situation. Often times most sufferers don’t even know why they become so fearful while as for other sufferers they somehow learn to live with it, although rather uncomfortably.

A beneficial aspect of hypnotherapy is that it can often help those sufferers by enabling them to recall in Hypnosis the very first event that marked the onset of their fear or phobia. This means that rather than just having you try to let go of today’s fear a sufferer can go back to the original event and reframe it within the Subconscious mind therefore desensitizing it.

Fears and Phobias have root causes in early childhood generally manifesting in a child up to 7yrs of age. Hypnosis works exceptionally well as the development of the phobia occurred during that golden age of childhood. With hypnotherapy our clients have experienced profound healing and been able to make the connection to how to eventually overcome their fears which may have affected their entire lives. Most people don’t even realize how deeply their phobias are rooted in events of the past. It can be quite emotional to discover that and to experience the letting go of the fear or phobia at long last.

If you wish to consider Hypnotherapy to assist you or someone you know and love just get in touch with your nearest Advance Hypnosis Clinic, we would be happy to help.