Hypnosis To Quit Alcohol

Recovering from Alcoholism with the help of Hypnosis is a very popular option to consider when you have made that final decision to become free from compulsive drinking..

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Alcoholism the same as any other compulsive behaviour can range from the complex to the seriously problematic. From the functional alcoholic to the deeply compromised.

For many alcoholics their life journey with compulsive drinking has been a long road before they come to that pivotal point when they firstly admit to themselves that they do have a problem and secondly make the decision to change and become sober.

The road to reaching this point is often littered with regrets and the carnage caused to the self and perhaps more so the damage inflicted on others.

Let’s for a moment have a closer look at that before we get into what you can do about it, if you are in trouble.

Alcohol has broken up more families and marriages than we can even begin to estimate.

The children of alcoholic parents often bearing the brunt of the burden, with the parent either unavailable and unreliable emotionally or even hard on them due to their drinking.

That’s not even to mention the material hardship the financial cost of the compulsion may have caused.  All of this before we even talk about the instability of the home environment, never quite sure of what the right way to behave is at any given time.

Alcoholism in Ireland is leaving a trail of broken families, broken promises and broken children in its wake.

The cost to the self is no less significant

We all have dreams and ambitions in life or at least had them once upon a time before alcoholism got in the way.  It’s easy to fool oneself for a time but over the years, self-respect and genuine natural joy in life erode. An empty shell is all that remains where once there were such high hopes.

Physical and mental health are no doubt at serious risk from Alcohol.  The statistics on these don’t make for easy reading, behind every number is a real person, a real personal tragedy.

Career developments shrinking as that glass ceiling is often lowered for alcoholics.

Friends dropping away – it was fun at the start but became less and less enjoyable to spend time with the one that gets drunk every time.

The cost to the greater community

This may not be the first concern on your mind when you decide to become free from alcohol but it is non the less a factor worth considering. Collectively alcoholism  has a massive impact on the community.

It swallows up huge resources from the Health and Social budget every year. To the point where services would not be functional without the help of charitable organisation shoring up the HSE. Hours lost in work greatly impacts on the national purse further compounding the problem.

The greatest loss however may be the person, that free from this compulsion would add to complete that fabric of society.  The one that is missing from the community, weakening the glue that keeps us all together in our humanity.

Fact is:  Every single person is valuable and brings their own unique contribution to society. The gaping hole created in communities through alcohol is tangible and real.

Now that we have a clearer picture, let’s have a look at what Advance Hypnosis can offer to help you resolve your problem.

At Advance Hypnosis we understand very well that alcoholism is 100% a personal matter.

Whilst many people who seek our help may have similar life stories surrounding their quitting in reality no two people are identical in their challenges and the way that they deal with those challenges.

To meet this need we have developed unique therapeutic programs which are highly personalised.

Beginning your recovery through Hypnotherapy – The first step. 

Your personal therapy begins the moment you pick up the phone and call us to enquire about an appointment.

Your first appointment is a fact finding mission. In essence you and your Therapist sit down together and have a very honest conversation to pick the problem apart. We begin by briefly discussing your current health status and then get to the heart of the matter, discovering the history of your alcohol problem, lifestyle, habits, behaviours, circumstances, environment and what exactly it is that you want the outcome to be.

We will also discuss in great detail what your why is.  After all, if it’s not personal to you chances of success dwindle. We lay open the level of personal readiness and emotional commitment you need to bring to the table to succeed.

During this initial consultation, we make the time for you to ask all and any questions and to address any concerns you may have.

From the information you give us, we will be able to give you a concrete outline of how many therapeutic sessions are needed in your personal case, how long it will take and how much this investment amounts to in your case.

We may then schedule for your first appointment, to begin your journey into a life free from alcoholism.

Depending on the severity of the problem we may request that you visit your GP before therapy can commence.  In severe cases it may be necessary that your prescribing Doctor is on board to provide the medical care needed to safely come off alcohol.

Our Therapy to quit Alcohol Programs are highly personalised and are fully adaptable to cater for all levels of alcoholism. 

From the problematic to the complex, designed to assist you in taking back control over something that has gotten out of control.

All our therapies are guaranteed to be private and confidential.