Quitting smoking through hypnosis

QUIT SMOKING THROUGH HYPNOSIS. Stop Smoking now with the help of Hypnotherapy. Every quit smoking session we deliver is personalised & developed on what matters to you personally in your life. Irelands No.1 Hypnotherapy providers, we are here to help.   

Congratulations! The fact that you are reading this means that you have already made the most important shift in your mind. You know that smoking is not good for you and would like to stop. You may know people who were able to quit smoking cold turkey, but you have not been able to. Maybe you have tried different medications or tricks, perhaps quitting many times but eventually going back to smoking each time.  Perhaps each time you try to quit, you get irritable and short tempered and your family and friends have suffered along with you at each failed attempt. Smoking cessation at Advance Hypnosis can relieve you from the suffering you’ve endured trying to quit smoking.

At Advance Hypnosis Clinic’s, we don’t judge unfairly any of our clients who come to any of our clinics for choosing to smoke. We focus on positive reinforcement at all times. Our method for reducing your desire to smoke works because we have the best helper in the universe–YOU.  We relax you into a highly receptive state and make very practical suggestions to your subconscious mind about the harmful effects of smoking. It’s not Voo Doo magic… its plain good sense that your subconscious takes on board and makes a permanent part of your reality. The word trance may make you want to run faster than a kid at the dentist; but trance behaviour is similar to many of our everyday activities like driving to and from work.
If you’ve ever driven home from a long day at work, pulled into the garage and wonder how you arrived, you were in a trance-like state.  When sports commentators exclaim that a particular athlete was in the zone—the person was in a trance-like state. We will get you to that non-smoking zone that you have wanted to be in for so long.

Subconscious Mind
Unless you’ve studied psychology, read a lot of specialized medical journals or practiced meditation, you may not be familiar with the deeper workings of the subconscious mind.  The reason why hypnosis works is because we connect the conscious with the subconscious. Your subconscious mind is a bit like a computer filing system and our subconscious is like our hard drive; where we store every experience, emotion and thought we’ve ever had.  In a relaxed, hyper-focused state of hypnosis — under the guidance of one of our highly certified professional clinical Hypnotherapist — we can run a search on your subconscious mind, thereby pulling up the repressed memories and buried emotions at the root of most of your challenges and life stress. Your Subconscious mind always wants to protect you from harm. Smoking is classed as a dangerous activity by your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind wants you to help stop smoking to fill this need to protect you from harm.

Treatment Stop smoking now
So how will our team Advance Hypnosis hypnotherapists utilize hypnotherapy to rid you of your smoking habit?  We may suggest that the taste and smell of cigarettes is worse than it actually is. We may also employ methods to examine the impulses that fuel your smoking and uncover old conclusions and behaviours. The healing will take place when you generate new conclusions about old memories and choose new
behaviours rather than smoking. Stop smoking help 

If you’re still uncertain about smoking cessation, consider that smoking causes premature aging, lung cancer; increases your risk for heart attacks, lung disease, cataracts and bone fractures. Open yourself to hypnotherapy for smoking cessation and remember, if hypnosis is the tool, hypnotherapy is the use of that tool. Over-the-counter products like patches and wishing very hard to stop may work for some people, but many others often require more personalized solutions. Don’t wait another day. Reach out to us and we will help you. At any of our Advance Hypnosis Clinic’s Nationwide, we help our clients deal with many common bad habits and addictive behaviours. Regain control over your mind, body and spirit.

We are here for you.


Stop smoking help

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