Control Drama & how to step out of it Workshop with Silvia Henrichrkshop

Control Drama – Survival Guide Workshop with Silvia Henrich CHt

Enough of the Drama – how to preserve your mental, physical, emotional health and energy, step out of the drama.

Control Dramas in a nutshell are power struggle interactions between people that lead to one person temporarily feeling energised and the other feeling depleted.

Depending on someone’s personal type there are four typical patterns each of which can be mixed up and adjusted to suit the situation.

The Bully – criticises and uses coercion

The Poor Me –seeks sympathy and off loads woes

The Interrogator – 20 questions anyone

The Aloof – withholds engagement


What will you learn on this workshop?

  1. How to recognise the drama
  2. Simple techniques to make it difficult for others to deplete your energy
  3. How to recharge yourself easily
  4. Mind set and attitude to stay in your own power


1 Day Workshop with Silvia Henrich CHt

Silvia Henrich CHt has facilitated workshops and courses for many years on a  range of holistic subjects such as Stress Release, Practical Mindfulness,  Brain Integration, Mental Health Everyday,  Bioenergy Therapy, Hidden Mind & Kinetic Shift to mention a few.

Her wealth of knowledge and willingness to share this in an easy going manner have made her a thought after speaker and facilitator.

Who should attend this Course?

This 1 Day Control Drama Workshop will appeal to anyone with an interest in self-development and is suitable for all levels.

Everyday people who are repeating the same mistakes over and again.

Everyday people who find themselves repeatedly forming social/work/personal relationships which are challenging or hurtful  

Holistic Practitioners who wish to extend their understanding of control drama are very welcome.

Under 18’s may attend in the company of an appointed adult and following a brief chat with the course provider to assess the suitability of this course for their benefit.  

Date: 1st. February, 2020

Time: 11am – 16.30pm

Cost: 125 Euro

Venue: Gorey, County Wexford

Contact:  Silvia Henrich 087 6450616 or use our contact form below