Kinetic Shift Training Ireland Rapid Hypnosis Training Ireland

Belfast dates: 25th & 26th January 2020

Kinetic Shift Training Ireland & Rapid Hypnosis Training Ireland CPD accredited

2 Day Rapid Hypnosis Techniques & Kinetic Shift Practitioner Course.
This course is suitable for all levels. Beginner to seasoned therapists. CPD accredited

Day 1: 

Learn up to 10 Rapid Hypnosis Inductions.

Learn how to hypnotise almost anyone, anywhere safely and efficiently.

You will learn the hypnotic cycle from start to finish step by step  Suitable for both therapeutic & performance environments

This day increases your personal & professional confidence to a new level.

Are you intrigued about hypnosis and want to know more? Have you been on a course and it’s all clear as mud? Then this course is for you.

Your UK Hypnosis Academy Trainers Wayne P Hennessy & Silvia Henrich are both full-time Clinical Hypnotherapist with a wealth of skill, knowledge & expertise to share.

Day 2:

This Training Course is suitable for all levels from beginner to seasoned therapist. It leads to a UK Hypnosis Academy Kinetic Shift Practitioners Qualification. 

Kinetic Shift is more than just another technique.  It is Active, Intuitive, Dynamic &  Energising.

Building & and harnessing Belief, Intent & Confidence are at the core of Kinetic Shift.

Kinetic Shift forms an important part of a new wave in Mental & Emotional Healthcare and provides a pivotal fresh approach to Change work as we know.  Having gained global traction with training in 16 countries and a community of some 1400 Kinetic Shift Practitioners world wide.

You will learn the 7 steps of Kinetic Shift and how to deliver Kinetic Shift in a safe and ethical fashion, in both a clinical setting and as an emergency measure. The Kinetic Shift element of this 2 day course leads to Practitioners Certification,  which is an insurable qualification.

The 7 Steps of Kinetic Shift:  

1. Alert the State

2. ILS – Content Free Method

3. Eye Move It Technique (EMIT)

4. BackFill Process

5. Anchoring

6. Calibration

7. Confusion

Course Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland

Course Dates: 25th & 26th January, 2020

Course Fees: 

Early Bird Ticket £ 349   T&C apply

Full Price Ticket £ 399

CPD £ 100 open to UK Hypnosis Academy Qualified KS Practitioners only T&C apply

For course details & enrollment

For all Kinetic Shift Training in Ireland & Rapid Hypnosis in Training Ireland contact Silvia Henrich 

Enquiries to

ROI call : 087 6450616

NI Call 00353 87 6450616


Kinetic Shift Training &  Rapid Hypnosis Training CPD accredited

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Talitha Kehoe

I attended the kinetic shift course in dublin last month with Silvia and Karl. I felt straight away intrigued by the whole experience. Was so interesting It had some brilliant inductions and explained in detail about the unconscious mind and additional information about the gut brain connection.
Silvia is a lovely woman and is very down to earth and easy to talk to. Karl is fantastic also and is great to watch them both work.
I would most certainly recommend this course. Its the missing piece when working in hypnosis!

     Kinetic Shift Program


Silvia was my Kinetic Shift (KS) trainer in Dublin. From our initial online contact through to our live in-class training, I was made to feel at ease. All questions were answered in full, I was able to practice as much as I needed to in class, building on and improving my new skills. There was also lots of demo's to help clarify techniques AND I know it does not end there as I am now a member of the KS online community and I can still contact Silvia directly if I need too! When the training was over I felt great confidence within myself, knowing I learnt everything I needed to.

     Kinetic Shift Program

Lily Doyle

I went to the Kinetic Shift and Rapid Hypnosis Course not really knowing what to expect as this was my first training in complimentary therapy. As a newcomer I found it very comprehensive and it has given me the skills and confidence to turn into practice what I learned over the 2 days. Everything was made very easy to understand, follow and put into practice.
Silvia Henrich is an excellent teacher, sharing her extraordinary knowledge and skills generously and ensured that as a newcomer I was at all times reassured and given the level of assistance I needed in order to succeed. Karl Smith was very supportive and inspiring.  I am glad that I chose this course as my starting point in therapy training. I would highly recommend Kinetic Shift and Rapid Hypnosis techniques no matter what level of expertise you have.

     Kinetic Shift Program


Kinetic shift Dublin with Silvia Henrich and Karl
I attended the kinetic shift course recently in Dublin with Silvia Henrich it was an excellent experience the knowledge she had was amazing, highly interactive
We also learned rapid inductions it was a great weekend learned so much really enjoyed the experience Silvia was excellent she was full of positive energy
I highly recommend kinetic shift to add it to your toolbox of expertise
And if your looking for excellent trainers I suggest Silvia and Wayne from the kinetic shift Ireland team

Thanks guys

     Kinetic Shift Program
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