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John A O’Connor Clinical Hypnotherapist, a highly accomplished and experienced multidisciplinary therapist practitioner. John first became aware and interested in mind over matter and the ability of the mind to influence the body, whilst studying Martial Arts in the early 1990’s. A study he maintains to this present day.

Influenced by the great; Dr. Jack Gibson of Co Kildare Ireland; the surgeon who preferred hypnosis to anaesthesia in emergency surgery. Dr. Milton Erickson (USA) who recovered himself from Polio. Dave Elman (USA) the layman who taught and lectured the medics. Richard Bandler (USA) Co-founder of Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP. And more recently; Igor Ledahouski – Mike Mandell (Canada)

Dr. Hugo Martens, Transpersonal International. (Portugal)

Paul McKenna – Darren Brown – Karl Smith and Barry Neale (UK)

Keith Barry – Dr. Joe Carney – Susan Wallace (Ireland).

A multi qualified therapies practitioner, John introduced NLP – Hypnosis and Energy work to his teaching and coaching and work practices in the 1990’s

With a diverse and interesting career which includes, military specialist, heavy machines mechanic, mechanical engineer, forensic accident investigator and university lecturer.

John now works with and for his client’s delivering results with empathy, knowledge, tenacity and genuine care and interest in their welfare and life performance.

A specialist in High Performance excellence; John has worked with super stars of Sport – Industry – Politics – Music – Dance – Stage and Film.

Having experienced a popularially life threatening/life changing challenge in recent years, John has

Self-tested and refined protocols which he delivers for his clients which deliver incredible results.

John has successfully developed protocols that enable his clients for the following;

managing/eliminating chronic pain – Medical Emergency recovery and rehabilitation – Study and achieve Exam success – Win at interviews – Meet and surpass targets and deadlines – Overcome chronic procrastination – Make Life Changes – Adapt to new life circumstances – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Psychosomatic influenced debilitating conditions and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD.

Tested and proven on 3500 + students, John has developed and refined an exciting protocol to help anyone and everyone to pass exams. Called S-A-S “Stress and Succeed”. Delivered in group settings or individually, this protocol has delivered remarkable results for students of all levels in 2nd level (Leaving Cert) 3rd level up to PhD. and professional examinations.

Coupled with all this, John caters for those who wish to improve their lives with the following;

Control their smoking habit (Tobacco and recreational drug)

Alcohol and Sugars and Salt consumption.

Body Image and weight management.

Fears and Phobias – Memory Recovery – Relationship Recovery – Life Performance.

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