Hypnosis for Anxiety

Anxiety disorders come in various forms and oftentimes can be very different from one sufferer to another, with symptoms ranging from the mild to the very severe. Some forms of anxiety are completely fear driven while others have their origins firmly rooted in anger relating to past experiences of hurt and personal injustice.

There are those too who suffer from general anxiety disorder (GAD), which can be quite complex in how they are manifested and others relate more to social anxiety, with all that said it stands to show that no one anxiety picture fits all and therefore that when seeking the help of a professional therapist, it pays to know you have arrived at the right solution, because identifying the anxiety is paramount when seeking to resolve the cause.

Anxiety in itself is the body’s own natural response to danger, and can be undoubtedly helpful when it comes to a situation that may be dangerous or which requires your highest level of protective awareness, like when it comes to alerting your super awareness in preparing the body for action. However when the anxiety experienced is at an inappropriate time or too intense it’s a cause of the huge release of chemicals into the bloodstream including adrenaline, which causes the body & mind unease when not required effectively triggering the body’s fight, flight or freeze mechanism. Depression often quickly follows on as a response to anxiety and this is further fuelled by embarrassment and shame, which only further complicate the original anxiety.

People have varying degrees of background relating to their early childhood experiences, which is where these coping mechanisms always originate back to. Many sufferers react very differently depending on their individual level of or type of anxiety; so many people with anxiety also react very differently to their environment finding themselves more often than not having their anxieties triggered by sustained stressful events in their adult lives.

This can even cause physical symptoms of anxiety and may include: Palpitations (racing heart), shortage of breath, tightness of the chest, dry mouth, nausea, trembling, sweating, dizziness, blurred vision or combinations of any of the above. Psychological symptoms may include: tension, agitation, fearing losing control, irritability, dreading catastrophic physical incapacitation and feelings of detachment from the outside world. Some people may experience problems of hyperventilation (over-breathing), resulting in living in constant fear of a so-called dread ‘Anxiety Attack’.

So if anxiety seems to be taking over your life completely and you wish to get back the upper hand, get in touch with your closest Advance Hypnosis Clinic we are here to help.

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