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Feel Good Hypnosis is a powerful preventative Mental Healthcare action people are taking not just to keep their motivation & joy in good shape. It also serves to regularly clear out and let go of those day to day stresses and strains of everyday life.  Because if they are left to accumulate it can lead to anxiety, stinking thinking and greater mental distress from there on.

We all know that staying healthy is a lot easier than trying to recover lost health.

This is as true for mental health as it is for physical health.  Ask anyone who ever had to walk that road of recovery and they will tell you, had they known what lay ahead they would have looked after their mental health much more actively.

This is what we know: Most people these days have some kind of personal routine to look after their physical health, eating reasonably well, taking regular exercise, perhaps getting a massage to ease out tight muscles or even visiting a physical therapist to stay in good shape and preserve their bodily health.  

The mind also needs regular care to stay healthy

A lot of people neglect the need for a regular routine to take good care of their mental & emotional health too. Arguably this is as important and maybe even more so in this fast paced and sometimes careless world we live in.  We all know how many smaller stresses one on top of the other can spoil feeling good. There is only so much you can take before molehills turn into mountains. 

Feel Good Hypnosis fills this gap perfectly

as it is a direct method to release precisely the effects from these nuisances & annoyances which we normally don’t even deem so important, but which cumulatively ruin not just our day but over time cause damage to mental health.

Let me give you an example based on true events:  

Tony dropped his kids off to school on the way to work like he does most mornings.  As he pulled up at the drop of point some smart Alec put the foot down hard and pulled into the drop off space he had been queuing for.  He got to work and found the coffee machine had run out of refills. At lunch time his manager called and some of his time was consumed talking shop instead of getting his break.  By the time he got to the canteen lunch choices were limited and he had to make do with what was left over. On the way home he stopped to refuel the car, the pump handle was covered in fuel and nowhere to wash up afterwards.

All of these events are pretty minor in and of themselves right?

So how come Tony was in a stinker of a humour by the time he got home from work and ended up picking a row with his wife over nothing?  At this point let me make it clear Tony is actually a pretty laid back guy who doesn’t take things to personal.

Cumulative unresolved stressors had taken his feel good away, lead to negative emotions and consequently his acting out of character.  Can you imagine the stinking thinking that went on in his head?  Going over and over in his mind about that driver in the morning and what he would have liked to have said to them, the manager, the coffee machine and all those little stresses and strains.  You get the picture I’m sure and most likely you can relate. 

Don’t let stinking thinking accumulate

Not surprisingly without taking care of your mental health it doesn’t take too many days like this before this distress state sets in as a pattern. As this happens your natural stress hormone release becomes over stimulated and you are on a whole new hamster wheel. You are on the road to mental health difficulties.   

This is where regular Feel Good Hypnosis comes into its own.

Feel Good Hypnosis unlike other stress release methods allows you to truly let go off past insult rather than just rationalising or wishing stress away. With the guidance of an experienced professional Hypnotherapist, this can be achieved in a completely content free manner, where your own subconscious mind temporarily takes full control and dismantles these stresses & adopted response mechanisms without your conscious awareness needing to revisit painful or hurtful events from days, weeks, month and even years gone by.  It really is that simple.

At Advance Hypnosis we put great value on taking preventative action to maintain good health.  If this is of importance to you too get in touch and let’s make that happen for you.

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