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Paul Gill – M.I.C.H.P. Adv Dip Hypnotherapy

Conveniently located in the heart of Galway City, Paul Gill provides Clinical Hypnosis to help people overcome their personal challenges.  For example, mental and emotional health, quitting therapy, weight loss, trauma and anger release are common issues that may be addressed and which respond very well to Hypnotherapy.

Paul firmly believes that we all have a desire and ability to live our life to the fullest and that with help and focus, we can achieve our life goals. He feels that you can change old habits by using Hypnotherapy and anything is achievable with the new outlook on life.

When you decide to use the power of your own subconscious mind you are ready to tap into the greatest and most valuable resource available to you to affect change. With the right help from an experienced professional this transition can be faster and easier than you may have ever thought possible.  The conscious part of the mind is masterful at resisting change. It will do it’s utmost to sabotage even your best efforts. Willpower and reasoning are qualities of the conscious mind. Trying to change using only your conscious mind is exhausting. This is where hypnosis comes into action, because it works using the qualities of the subconscious mind instead. Guiding you to the wanted outcome in the right way.  Check out the Frequently asked Questions Page here, it answers the most commonly requested information about hypnosis.

“Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears”.

Paul Gill specialises in effectively dealing with limiting issues such as: anxiety, panic attacks, self-esteem, confidence, phobias, trauma, and smoking cessation through powerful Hypnotherapy Intervention.

As a much sought-after speaker and author, he has regularly written for newspapers. He is a frequent contributor to radio and makes regular appearances on national TV Shows such as Ireland AM

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