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Bronagh McLoughlin

Hello and welcome to Advance Hypnosis Tullamore, my name is Bronagh McLoughlin, I am your go to Hypnotherapist in the County Offaly region.

Understanding how the subconscious mind works and how to coax it into being your greatest ally rather than your most formidable opponent is what makes my service to you so valuable.

My interest in how the mind influences the body and consequently life itself stems from my personal experiences through both ill health and my work as a Health Care Assistant for the Elderly.

Let me tell you a little about my background so you can get an insight to how my experiences grant me a greater understanding of how to help other people, just like you, when a little professional care is needed.

Let me say this first: I firmly believe that the best help in matters of the mind comes from people who have valid life experiences and can relate to challenges others are facing. A purely clinical understanding adds little in terms of grasping the root of a problem and the personal impact this has on someone struggling.  It adds little in terms of helping people to navigate their way out of trouble.

I was one of those people whose cause of their ill health was un-diagnosable. After many years of every medical investigation under the sun.  from childhood onward and many “let’s have a go” medical treatments yielded no results. It was suggested that perhaps all my problems were simply in my head. I was basically shelved as an unsolvable case.

It was only when I was close to death that an emergency operation revealed the actual cause of my years of suffering. Finally lifesaving treatment began. The cause in my case was physical, but thanks to my GP I had become highly intrigued by the mind – body connection.

My GP who in fairness always did their best for me, at one point sat me down and explained that the subconscious mind is so powerful that it can create a person’s reality. Including physical symptoms, emotional symptoms and mental symptoms!

This caught my attention. Because as a Health Care Assistant I had witnessed many times how one person in my care would bounce back from illness and another would not. How one person would make the best of it and another would sink, literally. How their mental state would almost predict their recovery or otherwise. I wanted to know more, much more.

After my physical recovery from years of being sick, the mental element reared its head. A period of deep mental and emotional distress followed. I realised that just like so many other people during a crisis the priority had been on coping every day.  I had not made any room to take care of the mental and emotional fall out.  I didn’t even know that I should have. Once my recovery was complete, studying this link began in earnest.

Today as a Hypnotherapist, the idea of spending years fighting with the mental element seems a poor option to me. When taking care of people it is important to do the right thing. To provide the quickest and most effective methods to all people who come to me for help is the base line of the service I provide.

Life has taught me many things, including the fact that life is short. Spending extra time needlessly suffering when help is just one phone call away is no longer acceptable to me.  Handing all control over to others is no longer acceptable to me.

If you want to take back control, if you want to get your subconscious mind on your side, to work for you instead of against you. Get in touch. Let’s make that happen.


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