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Hypnosis for Mental Health

Can Hypnosis help Mental Health? Perhaps the first question should be what is mental health?  Good mental health is not just the absence of everyday struggles with unwanted thoughts, behaviors and feelings, being mentally and emotionally balanced means so much more than that. 

Mental health refers to the presence of positive characteristics, that are within us all

Characteristics that enable each of us to pro-actively deal with the unpredictable situations of our lives, no matter what we are going through. It means the ability to experience our natural state of calm, joy, enthusiasm and connectedness.  It means the ability to work through stressful times and events in an appropriate and functional manner, which brings us out the other side fully intact as a human being.

Once the balance has been upset 

It comes down to regaining and maintaining your good mental health the choices can be overwhelming and often intimidating.  From prescription medications for anxiety and depression to talk therapies such as Counselling, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychotherapy the list is a long and often a confusing one.  

It becomes the greatest injustice when we consider what some sufferers go through on almost a daily basis.  That along with dealing with the stigma surrounding mental health itself. It seems so much more cruel to deal with it alone. Constantly feeling that growing need to retreat behind a mask in order to get through the day in an attempt to avoid the Stigma. 

Fact is with so many variants of Mental Health challenges and with each condition as debilitating as the next to the sufferer, it is of the highest importance that all therapies are designed to meet the individual needs of individual people.  

Hypnosis has become the therapy of choice for many people

Hypnotherapy approaches Mental Health Care with a very open minded attitude.  Because it is not dependent on coping mechanisms, desensitisation protocols or rehashing traumatic events over and over again.

Advance Hypnosis for Mental Health is firmly rooted in resolution focused, gently guided therapy through the power of your subconscious mind.  This frequently means working in a content free environment,  bypassing the need to dig up hurt and pain, bypassing the use of psychoactive medication. 

Listed above are a range of uniquely specific therapies which have been developed by Advance Hypnosis to address all aspects of these conditions.  We pride ourselves in the fact that we have made it our mission to personalize each therapy to meet the unique and personal needs each client brings.

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