Gastric Band

The subconscious fitting of the Gastric Band or the By-Pass delivers the most cost effective alternative to physical Bariatric Surgery with none of the side effects of the surgery itself. As a part of this, each therapy is conducted a week apart for best results.

The aim of this Hypno Gastric Band program is to deliver to the participant, through a succession of therapies, a guided imagery journey through deep trance hypnosis leading up to the gastric band surgery procedure itself being delivered on the final therapy utilising stunningly realistic sound bites and sensory aids.

We conclude over any life’s negative conditioning issues and create an extremely strong aversion to all of the bad habits & junk foods which have up until then compounded the participant’s issues then moving on swiftly into all the benefits orientated suggestive subconscious re-programming delivered through our direct drive hypnotic technique of positive suggestions for healthy eating through the repetition of key suggestions – motivation for exercise – greater portion control – taking a greater responsibility for overall health, alongside guided visualisations to facilitate benefits to change as we utilise deepening techniques in hypnosis to the participant as he/she is brought along a very powerful hypnotic journey to the bariatric surgical clinic/hospital where the gastric band or by-pass is either fitted /performed and successively tightened a number of times.

Continually utilising the repetition of specific key suggestions throughout the final therapy session, leads to the subconscious acceptance that actual surgery has taken place with all the benefits but none of the risk of physical surgery.

If you would like to know more about the Hypno Gastric Band program contact your nearest Advance Hypnosis Clinic today. Strictest confidentiality is of course guaranteed

The Virtual Gastric Band Therapy through Advance Hypnosis delivers the most cost effective alternative to physical Bariatric Surgery.

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