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Patrick Masterson CHP

Patrick Masterson CHP, Clinical Hypnotherapy Drogheda for positive lifestyle changes. Quit smoking, mental and emotional health, quittings, weight loss and much more.

My name is Patrick Masterson; I am a native of Lusk, Co Dublin, with a lifetime of experience helping others through Hypnotherapy and healing work.

As a family man with grown-up sons, my life experiences are varied and numerous. My path to helping others is served through practising in Hypnotherapy. Hypnosis is well-proven route to a much-improved life experience. With the help of hypnosis, it is possible to change old habits, even profoundly ingrained behaviours, to help achieve our life’s goals.

“From every day to the more unusual problems in life, hypnosis is the master tool for positive personal change. Endless time spent struggling and fighting with oneself to change precious time wasted…..and time is essential. We are here, alive but for a fleeting moment. Living each day in harmony with ourselves is the greatest gift we can give ourselves.” – Patrick Masterson CHP.

Clinical Hypnotherapy Drogheda offers more than just talking

As a therapist, I build a solid rapport with my clients to empower them to experience that vital shift in direction on their life’s path with a truly positive outcome and experience. Working with the subconscious mind directly taps into a source of change and healing rarely experienced before. These baselines are upheld for every single person who comes seeking help through Clinical Hypnotherapy Dundalk with Patrick.

Hypnotherapy has proven again and again to be the ideal method to fulfil the primary aim of my therapeutic work. My mission is to help others in need, restoring their well-being as a fully qualified graduate of the Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy and the Dublin Institute of Technology. I specialise in effectively helping people deal with anxiety, weight loss, phobias, fears, smoking cessation and trauma, plus many more.

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Hypnosis to quit smoking

Rated 5.0 out of 5
September 14, 2022

I can’t thank Pat enough for what he has done for me regarding quitting smoke. It has been 1 week since my session with him and I haven’t had 1 craving for a cigarette I have had a few bad moments with things that need doing around the house, getting the baby to bed etc like anyone else and a cigarette is normally my “crutch” but it wasn’t needed at all and I just got on with day no problem. Thank you again Pat 😁


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