Hypnosis for Trauma & PTSD

Hypnosis for Trauma and PTSD is a positive choice.  Trauma and PTSD are the results of a deeply distressing or disturbing experience. There are a thousand different kinds of trauma. A traumatic experience can create a blockage and stoppage of the flow of life’s energy to the body. It can be anything from constant verbal abuse in childhood that leads to blocks against self-confidence, all the way up to sexual abuse or violent incidents. Some aspects of these types of events definitely need a psychiatric or medical approach, but often it is possible to deal with some of the ripple effects through careful and respectful hypnotherapy.

Trauma affects each person in a different way

Each client we assist can be assured many traumatic experiences are tied to perspective. At Advance Hypnosis our highly certified team of dedicated Clinical Hypnotherapists , are here to help you reframe these troubling memories. Breaking up the emotional energy associated with the experience and teach you strategies so that the effects of trauma lose their hold on your life today.


At Advance Hypnosis we create a safe space for you to express your feelings around events and release your emotions.  Where you are able to isolate events that may have haunted you and ultimately forced you to constantly relive that traumatizing moment of your past. Utilising the latest and most advanced techniques in Hypnotherapy,

Timeline Therapy, Mental/Emotional Release and Mindscaping techniques all work exceptionally well when letting go of the grip of childhood trauma, PTSD, anxiety, fears and phobias has had on your life. With hypnosis, our clients have experienced tremendous healing and have been able to understand how past traumas are affecting their current ability to function.

Most people don’t realize

how deeply their anxieties are rooted in events of the past. If you are seeking rapid results; hypnotherapy is a successful strategy. With your full co-operation and permission, we will lead you deep into your subconscious mind to assist you to uncover and reframe the root cause of your fear, stress and anxiety – PTSD. Depending on the level of trauma experienced, it may only take a few sessions to free you from that which you fear the most.

On a final note

In our clinics we frequently find that anxiety does not spring from sinister events but rather from early childhood experiences which at the time caused distress but in themselves were of a harmless nature. Also it is not automatically necessary to re-live painful moments during hypnosis to effect benefit.

A person affected by Trauma and PTSD frequently but not always can trace back where and how it all went wrong in their life.  Recognising that you could do with a helping hand and accepting the help you need opens the door.  Others have set themselves free and so can you.

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