Anxiety – Together we can overcome it

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When someone suffers from anxiety it often affects the whole family.  Because of this, overcoming anxiety often needs a whole family effort.  Anxiety is something we hear people talk about all the time.  Sometimes it can even be overheard spoken about in a dismissive way with flippant comments such as: “That sends my anxiety through the roof”.  Meant in a funny way amongst friends commenting on something happening or discussed in that moment in time and not given a second thought later on. A trendy soundbite, nothing more.

For anyone experiencing anxiety it is no laughing matter.

For anyone witnessing a loved one suffering with anxiety it is no laughing matter. In reality anxiety can quickly become very debilitating, literally interrupting life.

It’s far from the butterflies we all get when we go on a first date or are going for an interview for a job we really want to get. Anxiety can send your mind racing as well as your heart. Anxiety can make you physically sick with symptoms such as vomiting or diarrhoea. It can stop you getting that much needed sleep at night time because you can’t switch your racing mind off enough to relax and sleep.

Also, It can stop you meeting up with friends, taking chances on a new adventure for fear of failure. It is the sense of dread that moves into your life uninvited and takes up space in every aspect of your life. Without so much as paying rent. It sucks the joy out of life and for those who suffer anxiety, it is crippling.

Throughout my life I have watched first-hand how anxiety can affect the lives of people I love. As a child I watched my mother helplessly as anxiety and stress swallowed her whole. As she struggled to pay bills, keep a full time job and look after myself and my sister when our dad became ill.

To the outside world she was invincible but at home we could see the pressure and stress she was under. We could see her feeling like she couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. I used to sit and wonder what I could do to help her. I felt helpless watching anxiety take a hold of her life.

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My grandmother suffered from an anxiety disorder called agoraphobia. This type of anxiety is a fear of leaving an environment that someone finds safe, a fear of the outside, the unknown. Agoraphobia can keep people trapped in their homes anywhere from weeks to years. This was incredibly painful to watch. Once a social butterfly, full of life, enjoying going dancing and meetups with friends, suddenly too afraid to leave her home. This started after the death of her husband and she became trapped by her anxiety and fears. Literally a prisoner in her own home, held captive by her mind.

These personal experiences of witnessing how anxiety affected the people in my life were the reasons that sparked my own interest in Hypnosis. I couldn’t just let my mother continue to suffer. It lead me on an intensive search for help and a solution to anxiety. Of course no path is ever straight forward.  After trying out and exploring many different routes to help, I came across hypnotherapy for mental health. I was surprised to learn that it can help relieve stress, anxiety, fears and phobias (and so much more). But more importantly that it was making a lasting difference! Even though the outside stressors remained the same.

Because many of these stressors are often beyond our control, it is even more important that we keep in check how we mentally and emotionally take these everyday hits. This is where I found hypnosis made the biggest difference. It firstly helped to get rid of the unwanted feelings and emotions. Secondly it helped to adjust the way we perceive the stressors, changing perception from a subconscious level. This was the single most important breakthrough for my loved ones.

It is not unusual to feel stressed in the times we live in.

We rarely get a chance to just to sit, relax and take care of ourselves properly. Constantly rushing against time to get things done, whether it’s keeping up in a fast paced job, keeping on top of everything at home. Kids, school runs, homework, extracurricular activities, doctor’s appointments. Keeping on top of bills, keeping a clean house and food on the table. Then there’s marriage/relationship breakdowns, grieving a loved one. Not to mention all the constant doom and gloom on the news and social media since the pandemic. Threats of war, rising prices etc. Life can be tough!

Experiences in life can also trigger anxiety, it could be something significant that has caused trauma in the past or maybe you don’t even know where it came from. Somehow it just seemed to creep its way in and invaded your life. I am happy to tell you, anxiety is not something you have to put up with or dance around anymore as it makes itself comfortable in your life.

I have witnessed how hypnotherapy has helped so many people overcome their fears and anxieties and take their power back. It has helped my family members, friends and clients regain confidence in themselves and take the steps they need to rid themselves of the anxiety holding them hostage. So that they can move forward and begin living their best lives again.

Overcoming anxiety together

In praise of my mother I must mention that she never gave up. No matter what new therapy I suggested to try. She was always willing to give anything a go to free from its grip. When she could not see clearly to figure out how to make herself better, she allowed me take the lead and went along with my suggestions. I thank her for this. Together we made it better. Ultimately hypnotherapy was the game changer for her. Those dark days are gone and that’s all we wanted.

If anxiety is an unwanted part of your life, consider hypnotherapy. It may be just what you were looking for.

Wishing you a peaceful, carefree mind, Krists Auseklis CHP