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What can Hypnosis be Used for?

The problems which affect human beings are “unconscious” ones, almost by definition.

After all, nobody consciously chooses to behave in ways that cause them problems!  One of the great presuppositions of modern hypnotherapy is that all behaviour is trying to achieve a purpose, even if the effects of that behaviour are counter-productive.  In other words, the unconscious mind has convinced itself that the problem behaviour is “good” for us in some way, and persists despite all the evidence to the contrary.

It is notoriously difficult, if not impossible, to control unconscious behaviour through conscious effort alone. The human mind has often been compared to an iceberg, with the conscious mind being the 10% that you can see above the surface. That leaves 90% below the surface – and that’s the bit which sank the Titanic. To put it another way, the unconscious mind outnumbers the conscious mind by 9 to 1.  In your conscious, lucid moments you may well recognize that your habits, responses or feelings are causing you difficulty, but that lone rational voice will be drowned out by nine unconscious voices saying the exact opposite.

The solution, therefore, is to get the unconscious and conscious minds saying the same thing. Hypnosis is all about direct communication with the unconscious mind, and is the most powerful tool we have for bringing about change at the unconscious level. It can be used in any situation where you need to let go of old patterns of behaviour, and learn new ones.

All of the problems that people commonly seek hypnotic help for can be seen in this light including weight loss.

Changing unwanted habits such as smoking or nail biting obviously involves changing a pattern of behaviour, but so does something like gaining more confidence or dealing with stress – the unconscious needs to learn “confidence” patterns and unlearn “stress” patterns for specific situations.

So how does hypnosis actually teach the unconscious mind these new patterns of behaviour?  Broadly speaking the hypnotist or hypnotherapist is aiming to do at least one of two things. First of all, they aim to help the client perceive things in a different and more helpful way – a reframe in therapy jargon.  Phobias are a good example. When somebody has a phobia, their unconscious mind has labelled an object or situation as literally life-threatening. Hypnosis can be used to reframe that object or situation in a more realistic way, as something that is inherently safe, or at least non-threatening.

Even physical conditions such as chronic pain can be reframed.  An experiment conducted by the University of Bangor achieved remarkable results with rheumatoid arthritis sufferers. Using self-hypnosis, the participants visualized their pain as a person, bringing them news that something was wrong.  They were able to thank that person for the information, before sending them politely but firmly on their way. This technique brought about significant reduction in pain. In effect, their pain had been reframed, from “permanent condition” to “message delivered – so no longer needed”.

Reframing takes place every time the unconscious receives and accepts new information through hypnosis.  Learning better ways to deal with stress, breaking a dependence on cigarettes or alcohol, developing the ability to speak to the opposite sex without blushing, even learning to relax more deeply – these are all reframes, in that they literally create a different world for the client, one in which the old ways of going about things no longer apply.

The second hypnotic strategy is mental rehearsal of preferred behaviour or a preferred future. In therapy-speak, this is known as future pacing. Through the use of guided imagery, the hypnotist is able to re-create the preferred behaviour in rich and vivid detail, so that the client experiences it in their imagination as if it were actually happening.  Somebody who is severely stressed at work, for example, may be future-paced through a typical day feeling calm and in control.

The rationale behind future-pacing is that the unconscious mind does not discriminate between “real” and “imagined” events – it produces exactly the same physical and emotional responses to each.  If you vividly imagine your favourite meal, for instance, you’ll probably start to salivate.  In just the same way, building up a detailed mental picture of yourself acting or feeling better in a certain situation gives the unconscious mind a better template to refer to the next time it encounters that situation.

This process also harnesses expectation, a powerful force shaping human behaviour. We’re constantly trying to fulfil our expectations, good or bad. If you expect something to be stressful, it usually will be.  If you expect the same thing to be easily manageable, it will usually be that, too. This is another form of reframe, of course. Setting up positive expectations about a situation or event creates a preferred-behaviour shaped “hole”, which the unconscious mind seeks to fill with a preferred-behaviour shaped “peg”, made up of the appropriate emotions, responses and behaviours.

It could be argued that all problems are unconscious problems, even those that arise from external events that seem to be beyond our control. It is our reaction to these events, rather than the events themselves that is crucial. Through hypnosis, we can learn better ways for our unconscious minds to react to the uncertainties and challenges that are a normal part of living.

The Ideal Approach to Weight Loss

Is somebody who has in the past attempted to lose weight through various other means whether successful or not and who has also demonstrated a very realistic understanding of the commitment which is also required to see through to the end goal any program option which they may have been approved of by the clinical hypnotherapist conducting the assessment consultation. And given that personal investment, the participant then brings that into any program that they may be about to enter into which has been specifically developed to address the weight issues and life style challenges for that client. To also possess the required personal motivation in which will help them to strive towards their weight release targets in a healthy and responsible manner. Who will also carry out any instructions whether at home or in work and who always maintains that same level of commitment to stop at nothing to achieve that desired lifestyle changes & improvements while transitioning from their old eating habits to their new and improved eating patterns.

Client/Patient Profile Who May Have Struggled In The Past With Other Interventions we especially welcome you

You will be glad to know that all our weight management hypnosis programs have been especially developed to address the needs of those who may have struggled in the past to achieve the required desired result with any other intervention, and who may have found it difficult to achieve any of the lifestyle changes so wanted, at advance we move very quickly to identify those personal motivations which are then very quickly highlighted and identified and discussed during the initial consultation & fact find at the clinic. It is our full intension to then lead each client/patient towards an approval for any program which is then developed and affectively delivered to the client/patient at the clinic to have their needs and any such individual may go on to enjoy great success and enjoy their experience while in hypnosis and during hypnosis and may therefore go on to achieve their own personal success by engaging and committing fully to the program being delivered at the clinic and also the ongoing instructions which may need to be carried out at home as part of their program.

While every effort is taken to pre assess each client or patient referral attending any of the advance weight management hypnosis clinics comprehensive consultations and fact finds which are conducted over a 1 hour period in an effort to approve any participant, we aim to always be fair in our assessments and not to unfairly exclude any other participants who are hopeful for approval and who feel that they may not exactly meet that profile requirement, we promise that we will always be fair in each assessment as our policy is that everybody is entitled to a fair and unbiased assessment at all advance clinics. So, it is important to note that we can only work with and build any of our programs for weight release and ongoing weight management for each client/patient with truthful and accurate information which is provided by each participant at the consultation stage as that information is used to develop and personalise any hypnotherapy intervention which is intended to address their issue regarding the intensions for desired lifestyle changes in which they have attended the clinic in the first instance.   

All advance clinical hypnotherapists reserve the right to either temporarily suspend/stop or completely suspend any program entered into by any participant if the hypnotherapist delivering the weight release solution feels that the participant has or is clearly obstructing or hindering their own progress or who is clearly not maintaining any of the requirements set out above in our client/patient profile to which their assessment and approval has been based.

Standard Weight-Release Hypnosis Programs & Structures and Aims of Therapy


Simple Habits & Associations. 2-week program. Duration of Therapy totalling 3hrs

Program Divided into 1 x 2hr initial first therapy followed by 1xhr follow up one week later

The Aim of program 1 is to break old habits & form new associations utilising key information attained during the consultation & assessment using beneficial suggestive direct suggestions delivered to each participant during trance. 

Ideal for someone wishing to lose 1 stone approx. over a 12-week period although results may vary from each participant. Or if someone is just wishing to make healthier food choices and implement them into their everyday lives.


Feelings & Emotions. 4-week program. Duration of therapy totalling 5hrs

Program Divided into 1 x 2hr initial first therapy followed by 3x1hr therapies each a week apart.

The Aim of program 2 is to address emotional issues and to successfully conclude upon those issues during therapy and therefore help the participant by removing any mental or emotional blocks which may otherwise been preventing the progress of that participant. To then initiate and deliver the direct suggestion work during hypnosis which is benefits orientated and which are aligned with the individuals own intensions for lifestyle change which have been disclosed to the hypnotherapist during the initial consultation. Ideal for anyone wishing to lose up to 3 stone approx. over a 12 to 24-week period although results may vary from each individual.


Hypno Gastric Band or Hypno Gastric By-Pass. Duration of therapy totalling 8hrs.

The program is divided into 1 x 2hr initial first therapy followed by 4x1hr therapies culminating in a final 2hr therapy in which the subconscious fitting of the Gastric Band or The By-Pass is Delivered. Each therapy is conducted a week apart for best results.

The aim of this program is to deliver to the participant through a succession of therapies a guided imagery journey through deep trance hypnosis leading up to the gastric band surgery procedure itself being delivered on the final 2hr’s of the program utilising sound bites and sensory aids

Program description

1st 2hr Therapy is where we conclude over any life conditioning issues and create a strong aversion to all of the bad habits & junk foods which have up until then compounded the participant’s issues then moving on swiftly into all the benefits orientated suggestive subconscious re-programming.

2nd 3rd  4th Therapies are all delivered through our direct drive hypnotic technique of positive suggestions for healthy eating through the repetition of key suggestions – motivation for exercise – greater portion control – taking a greater responsibility for overall health alongside guided visualisations to facilitate benefits to change.

The Final 2hr Therapy is when throughout the course of the 2hrs we utilise deepening techniques in hypnosis to the participant as he/she is brought along a very powerful hypnotic journey to the bariatric surgical clinic/hospital where the gastric band or by-pass is either fitted /performed and successively tightened a number of times. Continually utilising the repetition of key suggestions throughout.

ALL OF OUR HYPNO HEALTH WEIGHT RELEASE PROGRAM’S ARE SIMILAR IN THEIR THE AIMS AND SUGGESTITIVE CONTENT & STRUCTURE AS OUR STANDARD HYPNOSIS FOR WEIGHT RELEASE PROGRAMS However with all Hypno-Health Programs we utilise a very different approach, as we deliver to each client/patient the same exceptional care as all our clients enjoy with all our programs delivered at any of our advance clinic’s, we assist and guide each client through a very specific hypnotic program while utilising a carefully selected combination of fruits & vegetables found only in nature and is therefore the most natural intervention available to address any of the lifestyle issues highlighted during the individuals consultation & fact find, so, with these mixtures which accompany each program from 1 – 2 – or 3 we deliver what we believe to be the very best mind and body solution and hypnotic experience to each and every participant while we address both weight issues & set out to improve the overall health of those individuals with these superb combined solutions with proven testimonials. Its important to note that these are not meal replacement mixtures and are to be enjoyed in accordance with a healthy standard meal each day at dinner time along with a recommended healthy lunch too.

The Advance Weight Management Hypnosis Clinics - Hypno-Health

What is the HYPNO-HEALTH program?

The Low Carb Moderate Proteins High Fat system is nothing new and has been around for quite some time already, with its origins in ketogenic approach leading to weight release & overall Health improvements happening naturally when the bodies carb intake has been reduced to 5% along with protein’s being levelled as 25% & the good fat’s having been raised to 70% utilising this simple format encourages the body to then affectively switch from consuming its main source fuel from glucose{refined sugars & bad carbs} to stored fat’s instead, while keeping the body fully nourished so that the Weight-Management can occur at a rate which is both healthier and more enjoyable.

Although we would always advocate a healthy exercise routine for everybody, this is especially good news for those people who cannot exercise for various medical reasons weather [For example] due to their age or their mobility, it had had a recent hip replacement – or if wheelchair bound rendering the individual unable to attend any gym or take up any exercise due to the nature of their condition, either pre or post-operative the HYPNO-HEALTH system allows for natural weight-release requiring minimum physical exertion.

So we have specifically developed the Hypnos–Health Weight Release Program utilising these key principles with the soul intension of creating a state of natural health within the body once again and combining that with our very powerful hypnosis program  to completely stave of the compulsion to eat highly processed foods and Highley ultra-processed sugary junk food items and also giving each individual the ability to stay away from bad carbs – and in delivering that system by utilising a Nutri-Bullet or any standard food blender with a  very carefully selected combination of fresh fruits & Vegetables which the individual can easily prepare at home, made possible with a simple visit to the local fruit & vegetable shop.

As a part of the hypno-health program you will be provided with an easy to follow recommendation that accompanies the program – by following this program the body may easily switch from fat storage to fat burning in as little as 5 days, [while with some people this process may vary slightly] however allowing the individual to begin to enjoy seeing the stubborn weight finally shift while their health improves as we promote a healthy eating mindset during our hypnosis delivery that supports this program we take each participant back to nature while releasing weight making the whole process refreshingly enjoyable, this is then coupled with a normal standard evening meal each day with the family and again keeping you feeling great as your evening meal will provide you with your protein needed to keep you on track.

For far too long now all sorts of expensive get slim quick magic pill’s and shakes have saturated this market preying on the venerable who needed help to lose weight – So we at ADVANCE Clinics have developed this very simple & affective program to help those people who are deeply unhappy with their current weight and who have more or less exhausted every other way possible to address their weight issue with little or no success at all so, by offering a more realistic weight-management solution utilising hypnosis & combining it with an amazing natural nutritional system which is both healthy & reliable & that can be done at home, we give people back control as they also enjoy greater confidence as they see their own progress throughout the programs themselves.

Hypnosis will positively improve the individuals once poor eating habits and create that essential healthier mindset as the aim of this program is to help each participant to restore for themselves a once again normalised relationship with food. And at all advance clinics we always aim to under promise and over deliver.

Wayne P Hennessy
Adv Dip Hyp M.I.H.A –
NGH Certified Consulting Hypnotist
Certified Food Science
Hypno-Health Program Developer

Singular Hypnosis Solutions to Address Problematic Addictive Eating Behaviours and motivation for exercise, Set Out Below with the option on all these hypnosis interventions that if requested, a 1hr additional reinforcement one week later.

Sugar on a plate

Sugar Addiction Hypnotherapy

Duration 2hrs

Chocolate addiction

Chocolate Addiction Hypnotherapy

Duration 2hrs

Fizzy drinks

Fizzy Drinks & Energy Drinks Addiction Hypnotherapy

Duration 2hrs

Healthy eating

Healthy Eating Hypnotherapy

Duration 2hrs

Exercise and motivation

Motivation for Exercise

Duration 2hrs

Sports motivation and focus

Sports Motivation & Focus

Duration 2hrs

Plus many more, and also if you wish to have a more specific hypnotherapy intervention formulated in which to address a personalised requirement simply ask your advance clinical hypnotherapist who will be only too happy to accommodate your request.


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