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I have just been thinking about a typical day or week in my life as a smoker. My first cup of coffee in the morning must be accompanied by a cigarette or maybe even two. I cough a bit, clear my chest if I can and move on. I AM A SMOKER.

I Have to Stop

So many times, in my day are centered around my cigarettes. always planning either at work or socially as to where my next fix of tobacco will come from.

It’s so difficult- it just takes so much time and effort to keep smoking, but for today smoking is close to the top of my priority list. In the evening I nearly always feel guilty and a failure, because I know I need to stop smoking, “I have to stop.” Then I have another cigarette.

I lie down to sleep with a wheeze on my chest. Sometimes I reach for my inhaler.  Its so annoying, just to try to sleep is a task. Why do I do this to myself?

Socially it’s nearly impossible. Sometimes I leave social events early just to get my cigarette. Excuses, excuses, excuses?????

Oh, this is horrible and it will take years off my life. but still I continue.

I’m Missing out on so Much

I know I could go on so many more holidays, I know I could have a better relaxed family time, I could be rid of all this ill health, there would be no more demands made of me from my family, no more pressure, no more pier pressure.

Just imagine, I can even clear my chest and stop this relentless coughing. Freedom from this thing that controls so much of my life, is so important now. It is time for change. I can no longer go on like this. THIS IS NOT WHO I WAS BORN TO BE.

I did Make a Change

I have changed through and with the help of hypnotherapy. I no longer carry these burdens and I feel so good and so refreshed within myself for the benefits I received from being a non-smoker.

If this reminds you of how cigarettes are affecting and controlling large parts of your life, then maybe I can help. I WAS THAT PERSON.

How can I Help?

I am a professional clinical hypnotherapist, with substantial experience in helping people to quit smoking.

When people come to me to stop smoking, they have quite often already tried numerous other methods without much success. The big difference with hypnotherapy is the fact that I work with the subconscious mind.  This allows me to bypass all those other hurdles that get in the way when trying to stop smoking. The power of positive suggestion cannot be underestimated, and it is the goal of the hypnotherapist to give the client a new direction in life. So, it is not just about stopping smoking, it is also about changing other habits and perhaps addressing other issues in one’s life that may make it more difficult to stop, such as anxiety, work pressure, relationship difficulties, etc.

One Size Does not fit all

All smokers are unique in who they are and in their personality. Some smokers smoke possibly 5 cigarettes per day, others may smoke up to 50 per day and even more.

Quite often it is the case that one hypnotherapeutic session is sufficient to achieve a positive result. Others perhaps, may require two or three sessions to achieve the same positive change. Some people take information on board more quickly than others and may need the comfort and confidence of two or three sessions to allow that person to fully focus on the end goal rather than focusing on how much can I achieve in one session.

Because a person may have tried numerous other methods to stop smoking, it is imperative that the person feels comfortable and confident that the process of stopping smoking is not one filled with fear or pressure of any kind. It may be the case in fact, that after the first session a heavy smoker may greatly reduce his or her intake of cigarettes. This is of course a major success, but if only one session is available to this person, then they might see that as a failure because they have not managed to stop totally in one session. Because of this, the sessions are structured in such a way as to facilitate each and every individual person’s needs.

Some smokers, when they come into our first session may realize that there are other major stresses or anxieties in their life. Hurdles that are having a major impact on their ability to quit. So as a hypnotherapist it is my job also to address some of these issues if the person wishes, in order to assist in approaching smoking cessation in a positive and confident manner.

So, whether it takes only one session or more, the message is the same to all.

Stopping Smoking Does not Need to be as Difficult as one Might Think.

With the help of hypnotherapy, the chances of stopping smoking are extremely high. For me there is no time like the present for you to change your life, to be who you were born to be. Free from tobacco quitting. Free to fill your lungs with clean air. Free to do some of the things in life that you have not been able to do. Free to be healthy again and free to shift the control that cigarettes have had on your life back to you.

When you are ready to be free, take that step to become a non smoker. Your future self will thank you for it.

Post by: Patrick Masterson, Clinical Hypnotherapist Advance Hypnosis Clinic Drogheda.

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