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Control Drama – how to step out of it

Control Drama & how to step out of it Workshop with Silvia Henrichrkshop

Enough of the Drama – how to preserve your mental, physical, emotional health and energy, time to step out of the drama. Control Dramas in a nutshell are power struggle interactions between people that lead to one person temporarily feeling energised and the other feeling depleted. Depending on someone’s personal type there are four typical […]

Stress – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Stress Blog

We all experience stress at one stage or another. It can be caused by our professional or personal lives, and each individual will cope with it differently. What one person may regard as highly stressful, another person may regard as highly motivational. Problems occur when individuals perceive themselves as unable to cope with the level […]

How to adjust your short term eating patterns to get over the Christmas splurge

Christmas Season Weight damage control

SHORT TERM SOLUTIONS FOR THE CHRISTMAS SEASON How to avoid weight gain over Christmas Keeping in mind Hypnosis for weight loss/management can be very effective because it taps into your unconscious.  This is where significant change can take place.  Hypnosis will generally be the most effective when you combine two things:  a highly skilled and […]