Amanda D

I have had some incredible experiences with Sylvia. She is an extremely knowledgeable and comforting therapist. You will instantly feel relaxed in her presence and oh boy will you come away from your appointment with Sylvia a new person! I know of a lot of people who have been to Sylvia for various different reasons […]


I went to Sylvia for hypnosis to help me to accept a bridge of three teeth in my mouth. After 5 weeks of irritation Sylvia hypnotised me and helped me to get great relief from the ongoing irritation.


Hi everyone , my name is John and I went to Silvia for a hypnotherapy session for early itch that has bothered me for years, I used to be scratching the insides of my ears with keys etc which was dangerous but I couldn’t stop doing it. Silvia hypnotised me to stop the bad habit […]


Don’t ask me how it’s gone, all I can tell you is that it is GONE! My hope by sharing my story is that others can see that there is a way out for them too. You don’t have to live your life as a prisoner to your issues.

Almia Byrne

Had three sessions with silivia Hendrick from gorey to help me with my fear of flying and I want to give her a definite five stars and a huge thank you

Dolores Kearney

I attended Silvia for a session to assist with a fear of public speaking. From the start, I was treated with reassuring professionalism and she explained the entire procedure. During my session, I felt at all times safe and calm, Silvia has a lovely soothing voice and it was so easy to follow. I had […]


I went to see Sylvia for anxiety. I have suffered from this for years. I have to say thank you to Sylvia for all your help during my hypnosis sessions. Every morning I would wake up with anxiety, I would feel a lot of fear like something bad was going to happen. It was so […]

Jacquline Daly

I can’t thank Silvia enough! I have struggled with a lack of motivation, to do the exercises I know I need to help get my weight down, for years. Thanks to your hypnotherapy sessions, I feel fantastic, I have oodles of energy, I have lost 10lbs and I haven’t felt this good in years. I […]

Lisa L.

Very happy that I went to Sylvia for hypnosis. Exams were really stressing me out, after two sessions I was really calm and confident and had no trouble remembering what I had learned. This had been my biggest problem that I wouldn’t remember the information during exams but was fine outside the exams. Thanks for […]

Joseph McDonald

I’ve found Sylvia to be an excellent practitioner and have had huge success with her work. She maintains a professional yet warm and welcoming atmosphere in her clinic and her hypnosis results speak for themselves. I couldn’t recommend her enough for any and all issues hypnosis can help. I had tried many other avenues to […]

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