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Where didn’t you go in the past because you are the 1 in 5 who is so terrified of flying that you simply don’t?

Fear of flying can range from mild anxiety to utter terror and every year hundreds of passengers sign themselves off their flight when it comes to climbing those steps onto the aircraft.

If you suffer from mild to moderate fear of flying our 5 TOP TIPS may help you to get through it a little easier next time you travel by plane…..

…but if you really suffer, get in touch with us. Hypnosis has helped thousands of people just like you to successfully conquer their fear of flying.

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1. Avoid stimulants such as coffee or energy drinks for 12 hours before a flight…The clue is in the name, they stimulate you and trying to keep calm whilst your body is hyper pumped up will make trying to cope with flying anxiety much more difficult.  Have a Turkey & Spinach Sandwich before your flight. Both of these foods are rich in Tryptophan, which increases serotonin levels. This in turn will help you feel calmer and even sleepy….it’s what causes your post- Christmas Dinner slump….Serotonin is your best friend when flying.

2. Distraction – Bring a book, best would be one you have already started reading and know you will enjoy. When you engage your imagination and become engrossed in a story you pay less attention to what is happening around you. You can use this to your advantage when you are flying.

A pen and paper can also be very useful. If you become edgy, begin writing your name with your non-writing hand, this can be helpful to interrupt unwanted thought patterns.

3. Book an Aisle seat.

If there is an element of claustrophobia to your fear, sitting by the aisle will give you a little more room, you won’t feel so trapped, sandwiched between other flyers in the middle of your row or beside the window.  It also gives you a chance to walk around when you need to.

4. Travel with a seasoned flyer that is at ease and can give you reassurance when you need it. Having a companion you trust with you can work wonders to put you at ease. Alert the Cabin Crew if you are flying alone as they will be ready to give you reassurance if you are travelling alone.      http://advancehypnosis.ie/services/trauma-ptsd/

5. Separate Fear from Danger !

We all know that flying is statistically the safest mode of transport by a very large margin.

Chances that you could be involved in an incident are miniscule  1 in 11 MILLION!!!!…in fact you are far more likely to win the lotto jackpot.

Knowing this rationally is all very well but often not enough to calm that irrational monkey mind, that has you on a white knuckle ride from start to finish.

Try this instead: Become familiar with what flying will feel like and know and understand what the different noises and sensation really mean!  Do this sometime before you are due to fly. Knowledge is power. Here we go let me take you on a flight tour

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An aircraft  is pretty much like a bus.

When the plane speeds up, just like on a bus, it will push you into the seat a little.

This is normal, it is not dangerous.

When the landing gear goes up or down you will hear it. when the pilot adjusts the course and turns the plane, just like on a bus that is going around a bend you will be aware of the movement. Are any of these noises or movements actually dangerous? No, this is normal, it is not dangerous. Let yourself begin to separate Fear from Danger

.Remember an aircraft is pretty much like a bus, when it goes over bumps or through “hollows” in the airwaves it will feel bumpy. Some people have affectionately duped this phenomenon “the potholes in the clouds”.

This is normal, it is not dangerous.

When the Pilots adjust the speed of the plane, just like on a bus you will hear it and feel it,  the engines will sound a little different and you can feel the change in speed.

This is normal, it is not dangerous.

As you come in to land and the aircraft makes it’s descent and approaches the landing strip it will slow down for a safe controlled landing and a brilliant natural event takes place! As the plane approaches the ground it pushes the air underneath it downwards compressing it. This in fact causes almost a cushion like effect keeping the aircraft up against it. Atmospheric pressure rises underneath the plane! This is normal, it is not dangerous.

At this stage you will hear the engine noise change and feel a sensation of slowing down. You may also feel a pressure building up in your ears. You can bring some chewing gum or hard boiled sweets on your flight, it will help to “pop” your ears

This is normal, it is not dangerous.

Once the wheels of the aircraft touch the ground it will be bumpy just like a bus going over one of Ireland’s “well kept” country roads 😉 When your plane reconnects with the ground everything happens very quickly, the pilots will switch the powerful engines into reverse to bring the aircraft to a standstill safely and quickly. There will be some rattling, bumps and engine noise as well as a sensation of being pushed forward. Seat belts on is great choice for this reason.

This is normal, it is not dangerous.

And before you know it, you will be in the cue to get off. You can give yourself a mighty big pat on the back at this stage. You did great.

Top marks for separating fear from danger

We hope these tips will be helpful to you, but if you need some extra help, simply contact any of our clinics to find out how we may help you to get to your destination.

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