Control Drama – how to step out of it

Control Drama & how to step out of it Workshop with Silvia Henrichrkshop

Enough of the Drama – how to preserve your mental, physical, emotional health and energy, time to step out of the drama.

Control Dramas in a nutshell are power struggle interactions between people that lead to one person temporarily feeling energised and the other feeling depleted.

Depending on someone’s personal type there are four typical patterns each of which can be mixed up and adjusted to suit the situation.

For example; we all know someone who when you ask them politely how are you? They will tell you…in fine detail describing each woe in their life in great detail. A short time later they bounce off and you feel just about as if you have been hit by a truck…BINGO you have just been zapped by a Poor me.

The Bully – criticises and uses coercion

The Poor Me –seeks sympathy and off loads woes

The Interrogator – 20 questions anyone

The Aloof – withholds engagement

So how can you stay out of the drama?

Recognition is the first step, it’s hard to respond positively to drama when you are unable to predict common manoeuvres of this type of interaction.

Non attachment – when you bring a non-attachment mind set to the drama it becomes too much work to try and get a reaction from you.

De-entanglement and turning challenging drama into positive exchange, it is basically a learning experience.

Becoming aware of your own energetic health and engaging in your personal development through energy exercises keeping your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self in good shape.

Clearing your own emotional clutter first is vitally important. Let go of what is keeping you in YOUR drama.

Stay grounded, stay connected, move forward and grow.    

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