Anne O’Beirne

I got in touch with Paul as I was feeling overwhelmed and overreacting. He advised me “not to be a prisoner of my reaction” and I continue to work on that.

At the start I addressed how I was coping with the Covid crisis. He helped bring some clarity to difficulties I was having in relationships. I got to address forgiveness. One technique he used was BWRT (Brain Working Recursive Therapy) which I found helpful in dealing with a past trauma.

He listened with empathy and had a good understanding of some of the issues I’m dealing with. I felt comfortable opening up about some difficulties I was experiencing.

With new insights and increased self-awareness I will continue to look after and nurture myself on a daily basis. While he was there to support and guide me during our sessions, it is up to me to put in the work. In the last few days people I met have said I seem lighter and more relaxed.

Thanks Paul for your help and guidance. I’ve learned a lot.

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