Suzanne Clarke

6 months ago I made a decision that changed my life for the better… I attended the Navan hypnosis clinic for weight loss. Results speak for themselves, I’m more confident, I’ve a positive attitude with life itself, more active, happy, I could keep going but the best gift by far I’ve been able to give myself with Wayne’s help is to love myself from the inside & the results are showing on the outside. After a head injury, I’ve had to deal with its effects & developed epilepsy, something I found so difficult to deal with & I took comfort in food. I ate my way to 23 stone in Jan 16, took me over a year & a half to lose 3 stone of it… I then attended sessions with Wayne when I weighed 20 stone. 6 months in & I’ve lost over 6 stone. I haven’t put one piece of sugar, junk food or fizzy drink into my body because I don’t crave them… its that simple. I eat nutritious food that I know will benefit me. Never thought I’d be able to walk down the sweet aisle and not want anything, go to the cinema without eating crap, enjoy nights out without that chipper on the way home and its easy because I’ve no cravings & I’m committed. I arrived at this clinic at the right time in my life. What I didn’t realise is it doesn’t just help with weight loss, other aspects of my life have changed because my outlook has changed, the mind is so powerful. I’ve nothing but respect for Wayne (hypnotherapist) and Lisa(therapist advisor) who do their jobs out of pure passion, to help people from all walks of life and cast no judgement on the path they have taken. They do this 6 days a week and are only a phone call away. You guys will never know how grateful I am, all I can do is share my journey with others & hope more people get to experience this program because its life changing.

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