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This guide will tell you everything you need to know about our Hypno Health Weight Release Program and how you can apply it easily to your current  lifestyle and what benefits you can achieve from it.

By Wayne P Hennessy GQHP CHt Director of Advance Hypnosis Clinic’s Nationwide and Developer of the Hypno Health Weight Release Program.

Increasing numbers of people around the world are suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes and obesity, and the main culprit is usually the food they eat. The standard Irish diet, for example, consists of excessive amounts of protein, processed grains and carbohydrates — particularly in the form of refined, added sugars — none of which is good for your health. By continuing to consume ultra high processed foods over time you will eventually you will develop insulin and leptin resistance and, as a result, you not only will gain excess weight, but will develop chronic inflammation and will become prone to mitochondrial and cellular damage.

To get back on the road to health and stay there, significant changes in your diet are necessary. These changes begin with first understanding what mitochondria are, and then learning their importance to your overall health.

Next, you need to know how inducing your body back into a state of nutritional balance, a condition in which your body burns fat as its primary fuel, this can help regenerate your mitochondria. But, in order to reach nutritional balance and better overall health, you must follow this through with this amazing hypno health weight release program intervention to achieve the results you want, So, what exactly is this (LCHF) diet?

In this blog we will tell you everything you need to know about our especially developed Hypno Health Weight Release Program  — how you can apply it to your lifestyle and what positives you can reap from it.

Benefits of the Hypno Health Weight Release Program

Our simple to follow Hypno Health Weight Release Program is a dietary approach that focuses on minimal carbohydrates, moderate amounts of protein and high healthy fat ingredients, (which you blend from a list given to you), all of which you can purchase at your local supermarket giving you total control. When blended together you simply drink 1 pint in the morning and another pint in the afternoon then have your main meal every day gives to you the three keys to achieving nutritional balance. In fact, it’s what we at Advance Hypnosis Clinics recommend for most people who would like to optimize their health and lose weight healthily.

There are many reasons why you should try this program. It can be very beneficial for people suffering from chronic conditions, or for those who would simply like to be healthier. You’ll be excited to know that this stunningly simple program may help with the following:

  • Weight loss — If you’re trying to lose weight, then the (LCHF is one of the best ways to do it, because it helps access your body burn fat so that it can be shed. Obese people in particular can benefit from this method. In one study, obese test subjects were given a low-carb high-fat diet and a low-fat diet. After 24 weeks, researchers noted that they lost (9.4 kilograms or 20.7 pounds)
  • Fighting inflammation — the human body can use both sugar and fat as fuel sources. However, the latter is preferred because it is a cleaner, healthier fuel that releases far fewer reactive oxygen species (ROS) and secondary free radicals. By eliminating sugar from your daily food consumption, you’re decreasing your risk of developing chronic inflammation throughout your body.
  • Increasing muscle mass — Jeff Volek, Ph.D., is a registered dietitian specializing in how a high-fat, low-carb diet can benefit health and athletic performance. He’s written many scientific articles on this topic, as well as two books, and he explains that ketones have a similar structure to branched-chain amino acids that can be useful for building muscle mass. Ketones spare these amino acids, leaving higher levels of them around, which can help promote muscle mass.
  • Reducing appetite — Constant hunger can cause you to consume more calories than you can burn, which can eventually lead to weight gain. The Hypno Health Weight Release Program can help you avoid this problem because reducing carbohydrate consumption can reduce hunger symptoms. In one study, participants who were given a low-carbohydrate diet had reduced appetites, helping them lose weight easier.
  • Lowering insulin levels — when you consume carbs, they are broken down into sugars in your body. In turn, this causes your blood sugar levels to rise and leads to a spike in your insulin. Over time, you may develop insulin resistance, which can progress to type 2 diabetes.

By altering your daily routine to also include the Hypno Health Weight Release Program approach, you can reduce your risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. In a study published in Nutrition & Metabolism, researchers noted that diabetics who ate low-carbohydrate ketogenic diets were able to significantly reduce their dependency on diabetes medication, and may even reverse it eventually.3

The Hypno Health Weight Release Program May Also Help Lower Your Risk of Cancer.

Cancer is a devastating disease and is one of the leading causes of death all over the world. To make things worse, the medical profession has practically ignored evidence that indicates cancer as a metabolic and mitochondrial problem, causing conventional cancer treatment methods to fall short on their promises.

We firmly believe (as well as the numerous experts that have been interviewed) that over 90 percent of cancer cases are either preventable or treatable. The key here is to view cancer as a metabolic dysfunction, allowing you to gain control over this dreadful disease. Simply put, the right foods and strategies may help suppress cancer growth while possibly and simultaneously pushing it into remission.

What most people don’t know is that cancer cells are mainly fuelled by glucose. In this regard, the Hypno Health Weight Release Program may be the best answer. By depriving them of their primary source of fuel, as well as protein restriction, cancer cells will literally starve to death.

In addition, research regarding the (LCHF) approach in relation to fighting cancer has grown over the years, and the data indicate that aside from being a form of cancer prevention, the (LCHF) system may help complement common cancer treatments, such as radiation therapy and chemotherapy.4

We’ve developed our Hypno Health Weight Release Program With The Added Benefit of Hypnosis.

Most people who have set out to achieve losing weight and balancing their health have predominantly failed at some point because they have struggled to change their habits. The poor eating habits that may have caused the weight gain and or chronic health issues in the first place So, we at advance hypnosis clinics have really developed this most simplistic program to factor in weight loss hypnotherapy to take care of all those bad eating habits once and for all making our Hypno Health Weight Release Program the best intervention in the health and wellness sector. We’ve made it so convenient for you that these amazing beneficial blends can be prepared in the time it takes for the kettle to boil and consist of nothing but NATURE. Yup! Not a gimmick in sight.

Popular Low-Carb Diets Versus the (LCHF) Diet: How Do They Compare?

Of course, the Hypno Health Weight Release Program is not the only low-carb diet out there, but it is by far the most convenient and most simplified approach, you may also have heard of other popular eating strategies that may also help improve your health but take up a huge amount of time and resources to achieve the results you look for and they would intale that you radically adapt your entire eating regime So, how do they stack up against the (hypno health weight release program) ?

Atkins Diet Versus Hypno Health Weight Release Program.

Firstly the Atkins diet is a low-carb eating program promoted by Dr. Robert C. Atkins, who wrote about it back in 1972.In essence, the diet is all about restricting carbohydrate consumption while emphasizing protein and healthy fats as sources of fuel, as well as high-fiber vegetables to help promote weight loss.

Similar to the (LCHF) diet, you will have to avoid starchy and sugary sources of carbohydrates like bread, pasta and potatoes, as well as processed meats and junk foods. Instead, you will have to consume more grass fed meats, pasture-raised eggs, cheese and fatty fish.

One key difference that sets the Atkins diet apart from the (LCHF) diet is that it allows unlimited consumption of protein, which can cause a significant drawback to your health. Research suggests that excessive protein consumption can stimulate your mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) pathway, accelerating aging and cancer growth.

Paleo Diet Versus The Hypno Health Weight Release Program.

The Paleo diet is another popular eating trend based on the habits of our Palaeolithic ancestors. Its foundation focuses on eating lean meat, seafood, fresh fruits and non-starchy vegetables. You must also remove processed foods, drinks, grains and sugar from your eating habits for the Paleo diet to have a positive effect on you.

While research suggests that the Paleo diet may benefit your health, one foreseeable problem with this eating regimen is that it consumes too much protein, which can negatively affect your health in the long run. Instead, I believe it is far better to moderate your protein intake and increase consumption of healthy fats.

How Many Carbs a Day Should You Get While on The Hypno Health Weight Release Program?

When determining the ideal max carbs we believe that the following amounts can be effective for most people:

  • 70 percent healthy fats
  • 25 percent high-quality protein
  • 5 percent carbohydrates

Ideally, your carb limit should be kept to under 50 grams a day, or 4 to 10 percent of your daily calories. This will help your body to transition to burning fat for fuel. However, this number may change depending on various factors. For example, if you have Type 2 diabetes, you will have to restrict your carb intake to as little as 20 grams per day. All in all, you will have to rely on your body’s feedback to help you identify the ceiling amount for your carb intake.

How to Get Started on the Hypno Health Weight Release Program.

Taking your first step into the program is an exciting phase for your health. But before beginning your blended mixtures it’s important to have those bad habits eliminated with our stunning hypnosis delivered at you’re all important first therapy session, and subsequently at any session thereafter. Then you are handed your food list for your blends, before all that you would have attended the first initial consultation and fact find where we would have identified what bad foods are most important to change for each individual we work with, it’s important to first take a look at what you’re eating now and take out anything that’s unhealthy. This means removing sugars, grains, starches and packaged and processed foods from your diet. Basically, anything that won’t add to your new eating regimen has to go. This is what we call a “kitchen sweep.”

Furthermore, avoid drinking milk because it contains the carbohydrate galactose — drinking just one glass can basically eat up your entire carb allotment for the day. In addition, avoiding milk helps lactose-intolerant people to implement the hypno health weight release program.


While fruits are generally healthy for you and are an important part of our fantastic Hypno Health Weight Release Program blended mixtures  during your first 7 to 14 day’s (the only exception to this is for those individuals with type 2 diabetes)  because of their ability to balance blood sugar levels naturally,

Certain citrus fruits and berries are also good to eat in moderate quantities, because they are rich in antioxidants that support your health.


As for beverages, there are several you can choose from. The most important is high-quality filtered water, but you may also drink organic black coffee (without any sweeteners or milk), which is rich in antioxidants. Coconut milk can be consumed, as well as herbal teas because they are rich in various antioxidants and nutrients.

Make sure to stay away from sweetened drinks and carbonated lemonade etc especially diet drinks, as their sugar content can throw you off weight release . Not to mention, they are simply unhealthy for your body in general. Avoid alcohol as well.

All In All You Can Really Begin To Enjoy Losing Weight Naturally While At The Very Same Time Improve Your Overall Health In So Many Additional Ways.

Oftentimes, people underestimate the popularial a healthy diet can bring to their overall well-being. In truth, the food you eat contributes to 80 percent of your overall health, with the remaining 20 percent dependent on various lifestyle factors.

Now that you’re aware of what the Hypno Health Weight Release Program  can be capable of, the question is: How do you get started? Simply contact our national Lo-call number 1890-987888 and speak with our dedicated therapies advisor Lisa who will be happy to assist you further and maybe answer any questions you may have including the availability of appointments in any of our Advance Hypnosis Clinic’s Nationwide or visit Ireland’s No1 Accredited Hypnotherapy Provider.

Wayne P. Hennessy GQHP CHt

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