Hypnotic Gastric Band

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Hypnotic Gastric Band

The Hypno Gastric Band Option at all ADVANCE Hypnosis & Weight-Management Clinic’s Nationwide, 8hr x 6 week program.It may sound strange to hear of a virtual surgery, but take a moment to consider how it works. The mind is powerful, especially your subconscious mind. What it believes and accepts as truth causes behavioral changes in your everyday life.

During a real gastric band procedure, a surgeon places a band around the upper portion of the stomach to physically limit the amount of food a person is able to take in. This operation comes with physical discomfort, interruptions to your daily life and work schedule, and popularial risks and complications. There are no such concerns for patients undergoing the virtual procedure. Here’s how it works.

How it Works

The Virtual Gastric Band is a six-week program. During each session, your hypnotherapist puts you into a very deeply hypnotized state, while in hypnosis this allows the subconscious mind to readily soak in the belief that you’ve experienced an actual gastric band surgery.

The practitioner will attempt to get to the root cause of your emotional eating and resolve or release those issues while the subconscious is more open to suggestions. Hypnosis for weight loss can be very effective because it taps into your subconscious and this is where significant change can take place, the Hypno gastric band therapy will generally be the most effective when you combine two things:  a highly skilled and knowledgeable hypnotherapist and a very motivated client.  It is important that you are motivated to lose weight, because you will be less resistant to the process and thus more likely to succeed.

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