Signs of Drug Quitting

What's your Poison?

Whats Your Poison?

Quitting Signs of Drug Quitting

The beginning signs of drug quitting or abuse can be hard to notice since drugs affect people differently. Drug quitting can alter a person’s thinking and their physical and mental health. Abuse of, or being addicted to, illegal drugs or prescription medications can lead to a lack of self-control.

The drug user’s personality may change, all to often turning them into someone we no longer seem to recognize. Most outsiders don’t realize there is a difference between drug quitting and drug abuse, nor do they recognize the warning signs. Most people who abuse or have an quitting to drugs try to cover up their behavior by downplaying their actions.

It is easy to dismiss changes in their attitude and appearance with excuses that they “do not feel well,” or they “are tired.”

Drug quitting

Drug Abuse Vs Drug Quitting

Drug abuse is the inappropriate use of any substance. The improper use of alcohol, over-the-counter medicine, prescription medications or illegal drugs used for pleasure, altering feelings, perceptions, or to receive a high is drug abuse.

Drug quitting is the compulsive use of any drug substance regardless of the consequences. Generally, drug quitting begins with using drugs recreationally, or in social settings, which then leads to using the drugs more often. Our body produces dopamine naturally. Dopamine gives the feeling of “reward or pleasure.”

Drugs and alcohol also trigger “pleasure” or “happiness” in the brain. The more alcohol or drugs used, the less the body produces its own dopamine and expects more drugs or alcohol to do the job. By this point, your mind is being programmed to seek out the “feel good” substances. Simply put, drug abuse leads to drug quitting because the substance creates a dopamine “spike” that changes the way the brain functions.

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