Mel – Online Therapy Emotional Pain

I availed of Silvia ‘s service many years ago after I experienced emotional pain. I began with six sessions.
During the first session I noticed I felt very relaxed , safe and comfortable with Silvia. I also noticed how quickly I was able to move to a state of hypnosis without even being aware I was under hypnosis. During each session I felt Silvia ‘s warmth , kindness and support . I came away from the sessions feeling lighter , more energised and less stressed . I also began to notice and experience feelings of joy and happiness once again.
Because of my first experience I decided to return years later to find that Silvia had an online service. I availed of Silvia s online service as I had quiet a bit to travel . From my online experience with Silvia I can tell you the experience was no different to my first experience with Silvia in the therapy room. Silvia s online service was
Five ***** .
It is good to know that I do not have to leave the comfort of my home from now on for sessions.
I am delighted you went online Silvia . The zoom experience is outstanding . I am looking forward to my next online session. Thanks again Silvia….

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