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Article by Wayne P Hennessy at Advance Hypnosis & Weight Management Clinic’s Nationwide.

What is the HYPNO-HEALTH program?

The Low Carb Moderate Proteins High Fat system is nothing new and has been around for quite some time already, with its origins in LCHF low carb high beneficial fats system leading to weight release & overall Health improvements happening naturally when the bodies carb intake has been reduced to 5% along with protein’s being levelled as 25% & the good fat’s having been raised to 70% and tge bidy being completely purged of refined sugars, utilising this simple format.

We encourage the body to then affectively switch from consuming glucose as it’s main source fuel from {refined sugars & bad carbs} to stored fat’s instead, while keeping the body fully nourished so that the Weight-Management can occur at a rate which is both healthier and more enjoyable. Although we would always advocate a healthy exercise routine for everybody, this is especially good news for those people who cannot exercise for various medical reasons whether [For example] due to to their age or their mobility, if for example somebody had had a recent hip replacement – or if wheelchair bound rendering the individual unable to attend any gym or take up any exercise due to the nature of their condition, either pre or post-operative the HYPNO-HEALTH system allows for natural weight-release requiring minimum physical exertion.

So we have specifically developed the Hypnos–Health Weight Release Program utilising these key principles with the soul intension of creating a state of natural health within the body once again and combining that with our very powerful hypnosis program  to completely stave of the compulsion to eat highly processed foods and Highley ultra-processed sugary junk food items and also giving each individual the ability to stay away from bad carbs – and in delivering that system by utilising a Nutri-Bullet or any standard food blender with a very carefully selected combination of fresh fruits & Vegetables which the individual can easily prepare at home, made possible with a simple visit to the local fruit & vegetable shop.

As a part of the hypno-health program you will be provided with an easy to follow recommendation that accompanies the program – by following this program the body may easily switch from fat storage to fat burning in as little as 5 days, [while with some people this process may Varey slightly] however allowing the individual to begin to enjoy seeing the stubborn weight finally shift while their health improves as we promote a healthy eating mindset during our hypnosis delivery that supports this program we take each participant back to nature while releasing weight making the whole process refreshingly enjoyable, this is then coupled with a normal standard evening meal each day with the family and again keeping you feeling great as your evening meal will provide you with your protein needed to keep you on track.

For far too long now all sorts of expensive get slim quick magic pill’s and shakes have saturated this market preying on the venerable who needed help to lose weight.

So we at ADVANCE Clinics have developed this very simple & affective program to help those people who are deeply unhappy with their current weight and who have more or less exhausted every other way possible to address their weight issue with little or no success at all so, by offering a more realistic weight-management solution utilising hypnosis & combining it with an amazing natural nutritional system which is both healthy & reliable & that can be done at home, we give people back control as they also enjoy greater confidence as they see their own progress throughout the programs themselves, Hypnosis will positively improve the individuals once poor eating habits and create that essential healthier mindset as the aim of this program is to help each participant to restore for themselves a once again normalised relationship with food. And at all advance clinics we always aim to under promise and over deliver.

Article written by Wayne P Hennessy CHt

Level 6 Food Science Certified

Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist at Advance Hypnosis & Weight Management Clinic’s Nationwide – Lo-call 1890-987-888

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