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Best Hypnotic Gastric Band – The Low Down Interview

Best Hypnotic Gastric Band

LMFM  Radio Show Host Joan Larkin asks all the right question about the Hypnotic Gastric Band. A no holds barred straight talking interview with Wayne P Hennessy CHT, Senior Clinical Hypnotherapist and Founder of the Advance Hypnosis Clinics Network. So you want to lose weight and are curious about what exactly is involved in this […]

What’s makes the Hypno Health Programs so successful?

Hypno Health Programs Weight Loss

Hypnosis Clinic’s Nationwide our Weight-loss promise to you is simple, we promise you absolutely NO waffle and want you to now get ready to enjoy the process of releasing unwanted body fat with real pride and dignity. We have developed fantastic Weight-loss Hypnotherapy to accompany these weight release programs while our all natural blends focus […]

How to adjust your short term eating patterns to get over the Christmas splurge

Christmas Season Weight damage control

SHORT TERM SOLUTIONS FOR THE CHRISTMAS SEASON How to avoid weight gain over Christmas Keeping in mind Hypnosis for weight loss/management can be very effective because it taps into your unconscious.  This is where significant change can take place.  Hypnosis will generally be the most effective when you combine two things:  a highly skilled and […]

The Advance Weight Management Hypnosis Clinics – Hypno-Health

Bacon and eggs

Article by Wayne P Hennessy at Advance Hypnosis & Weight Management Clinic’s Nationwide. What is the HYPNO-HEALTH program? The Low Carb Moderate Proteins High Fat system is nothing new and has been around for quite some time already, with its origins in LCHF low carb high beneficial fats system leading to weight release & overall […]